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  1. Wanderer

    Must have ended shortly after I downloaded it. Although, I posted this within the hour of me getting it for free. You can see here: https://www.pcgamer.com/metro-2033-is-free-on-steam-for-24-hours/ that it was free at one point within the past 2 days. I do apologize for any inconveniences. It was not my intention to clickbait anyone.
  2. Wanderer

    For the next 24 hours Metro 2033 is free on Steam! https://store.steampowered.com/app/43110/Metro_2033/
  3. Wanderer

  4. Wanderer

    Well played
  5. Wanderer

    +1 @Kralwas the one who interviewed and introduced me to the 5th Order
  6. Wanderer

    Good luck... I think
  7. Wanderer

    Pretty good playlist for anyone interested in making frag videos. There is a wide variety beats that should work for anyone.
  8. Wanderer

    Great background @Aloaargh! The shadow is phenomenal and the different colors should fit anyoneÔÇÖs needs.
  9. Wanderer

    Fantastic Roleplay Background Story @Aloaargh! From beginning to end it was well written and unique. Also, welcome to the National Health Service! Judging by this standard of Roleplay, you will be a great addition to the NHS.
  10. Wanderer

    HereÔÇÖs my signature (Wanderer)
  11. Wanderer

    When I was first starting out in the National Health Service, I looked at the higher ranks and never thought that I would ever reach even Doctor, but today I became a Surgeon. During my time so far as a medic, IÔÇÖve made hundreds of great memories and gained so many wonderful friends. I really canÔÇÖt thank this faction enough for everything it has given to me as well as the rest of its members. I will make sure to keep my activity up and continue to work hard to help make the NHS prosper. I want to say a few thank yous to a couple of specific people who have had an effect on my journey so far: @Fuel, @Neo, and the rest of the Staff - Thank you for putting in the work and effort it takes to keep this community alive. @Frinkle - You started it all by accepting me into the NHS and training me to be a medic. @tezzy(frank) - YouÔÇÖve been with me since the beginning and I will always think of you as a wonderful and hilarious friend. @DIESEL GYPSY- I first met you as a AAA man and then we became brothers in syringes. You make me laugh just about everyday and you are brilliant medic with some killer vocals. @Dick Clark - Although we donÔÇÖt talk that much anymore, you were my late night patrol buddy for ages. My favorite memory IÔÇÖve made with you was when @HooplaMun, you, and I had the Medic Hunter VDM battle. @Jamie Gargrave- I will always remember all the help you gave me when I was training to be a HRO. @Hybrid- YouÔÇÖre a fantastic member of the NHS and one of the greatest friends IÔÇÖve made during my time as a medic. WeÔÇÖve made so many memories together, both good and bad, and youÔÇÖve also been with me since the very beginning when I was a Student. Just make sure to remember not to move staff members in the future. @TheRealSparks- YouÔÇÖve helped me out more times than I can count and are a fabulous CST that always provides good tunes. @SirJay- YouÔÇÖre doing an excellent job as one of the new CSTs and IÔÇÖm happy to be able to call you my friend and gang mate. @Jonny Blitz- YouÔÇÖve helped me on so many different occasions and answered every question IÔÇÖve thrown at you. YouÔÇÖre a top-notch CMO and I know you will be terrific as an admin of RebornRP. @Melantha Rose - IÔÇÖve always had an enjoyable experience filled with laughter whenever youÔÇÖre on as a medic with me. I would also like to complement how gracefully you and @Fuel sing ÔÇ£Baby SharkÔÇØ together. @Wilma Fingerdoo- Thanks again helping me and a couple of medics out when we stranded ourselves... multiple times as well as being a fine member of staff. @Jimboke- Thanks for holding onto my money for me . @Charlie Thomas- IÔÇÖm grateful that you didnÔÇÖt ban me for tag abuse (You know when). I was also very happy to learn that we had more in common than we both realized. @Harry Lewis- Although you may not remember, I once messaged you on TeamSpeak asking to leave the NHS. I did this at a time when I wasnÔÇÖt emotionally sound and just lost all desire to be a medic as well as other things IRL. You convinced me to take a week off instead and just take some time to get myself together. After taking that week off and clearing my head, I was back to being my cheerful and sexy voiced self. I realized at that time that leaving the medics wouldÔÇÖve been the worst decision I wouldÔÇÖve made as a member of Reborn Roleplay.
  12. Wanderer

    An OPFOR faction can be one of the best and most fun aspects of RebornRP as long as the community is ready and prepared for it on top of being properly managed, regulated, and balanced. One of the most common problems IÔÇÖve seen with OPFOR factions is that they value combat above all else forgetting entirely about roleplay. So, if one were to be created again, this would need to be avoided. (I donÔÇÖt want to be entered in the giveaway, just want to give my opinion on the matter)
  13. Are you still around Mr Genesis? I recently saw an old post of yours and came to your profile to see that the last time you posted was on┬áMarch 7th yet you have the rank of ÔÇ£ManagementÔÇØ. After┬álooking through some your old posts and seeing that you seemed to be a┬á┬ágenuine,┬ákind, and knowledgeable┬águy, I was just curious to see if you were still an active memeber of the Reborn Roleplay community.┬áI havenÔÇÖt been on the server all that long┬áso maybe we just havenÔÇÖt crossed paths.

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    2. Wanderer


      Alrighty, thanks Fuel

    3. JoshDF


      Like fuel said he's known as the silent one cause when you know i hes there its already to late cause you will be in his scope. hehe

    4. Genesis


      I am still alive and still here to a degree just got allot of stuff on my plate.

      but stopped playing arma though as i lost interest in it though but life goes on right :) 

      ( And yeah i know its a late response ) 

  14. Well written, accurate, and poetic. Great post Neo!
  15. Wanderer

    I donÔÇÖt want to be entered in the contest, just wanted to say that IÔÇÖm happy to see someone doing a giveaway for the new players in the community. +1

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