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  1. Wanderer

    Fuck Off Report

    The second clip shows that plenty of time was given in the initiation although the game volume of Tommy Fatty was quite low. The toxic comments previously posted by kkonthebeat have been apologized for through TS. Report Denied
  2. Both parties have gotten together and resolved the situation in TS. Report has been requested to be taken down. Report Resolved/Denied
  3. Will give the accused time to respond
  4. hell of a clip to start off with. well done
  5. Wanderer

    jalali Report

    Players, especially police, are expected to uphold a higher standard of roleplay than shown in the video. You decided to lethally initiate on a recently released hostage that was clearly unarmed on top of giving him little time to respond to that lethal threat. A possible better course of action would have been to initiate on the tires by saying, "Get out of the vehicle or your tires will be disabled". Jalali's actions are considered PoorRP and he will receive a 2 day ban for his actions Report Accepted
  6. Discussed through TS Compensation Request Accepted
  7. Wanderer

    Echo Report

    Echo will be receiving a permanent ban for kamikaze. Echo’s unwillingness to resolve the situation and complete disregard for the server rules has left no other option. Report Accepted
  8. Wanderer

    Echo Report

    I'll give the accused 24 hours to respond
  9. Wanderer


    Spoken to through forum DMs. Ban Appeal Accepted
  10. Wanderer


    Ban Appeal Closed
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