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    +1 I'll vouch for him
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    Good morning, good afternoon, and goodnight Mr. Lightning.
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    In game name : Wanderer Age : 19 Hours on Arma III (Pref Screenshot) : 1,498 Hours Why do you want to join The Abyss: I spoke with a few members of The Abyss today and they (B O O N E and WatchoutBoys) seemed like genuine and skilled members of Reborn Roleplay. When searching for a gang to join, I look for three main qualities: Activeness, Maturity, and Respect Towards All Members. I believe that The Abyss fulfills my expectations and I would be very grateful to be able to join such a gang. Bank Balance (Screenshot): £419,820 (Please keep in mind I recently bought all the licenses, a prowler, an orca, and a quilin) Previous gangs: Oracle & NHS Advanced rebel or standard rebel : Both
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    A rook bank
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    This is a pretty unique way of doing a giveaway, +1
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    poopemoji poopemoji poopemoji poopemoji poopemoji poopemoji poopemoji poopemoji "poopemoji" "poopemoji" "poopemoji" "poopemoji" "poopemoji" "poopemoji" "poopemoji" "poopemoji" 💩 💩
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    Application Name - Wanderer ArmA 3 Hours - 1,442+ Hours Age - 19 Country - United States What Can You Bring to The Gang - I have been apart of multiple Altis Life servers across the span of 2 years and have gathered extensive knowledge about this genre of the game and Arma 3 as a whole. I would consider my combat abilities to be above average, but nowhere close where I hope to be. I took a break from gang life and combat for about a half a year, so I've gotten quite rusty during this time, but I will work to surpass my previous abilities. During my time away, I was able to interact with many people, improve my roleplay abilities, and get a better understanding of Altis Life. I'm a good pilot and choose the Orca as my preferred air vehicle. If needed, I can be the pilot for combat situations or transportation. I tend to keep a level head and never get too angry or toxic. I also understand when it’s time to mess about and when to be serious. Finally, I would like to address what my goals would be if I were to join. They would be to have fun, make some friends, create some new memories, as well as help Oracle to prosper and become the best. Anyone In The Gang Who Can Recommend You? - I doubt anyone in the gang would remember me, although, I did speak with TSCpiwi briefly on a CQC server while discussing being an Orca pilot for Oracle.
  10. Wanderer

    I’ve been considering buying a new pair of headphones for the PC. The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x are the best option that I’ve looked at so far. How would you rate those and do you have any other headphone recommendations?
  11. Wanderer

    My name is Daniel Soulman. After passing my ASVAB and completing my AIT training at Fort Sam Huston, Texas, I finally became a flight paramedic for the United States Army and was assigned to my unit. On April 1, 2033, during an aeromedical evacuation mission, our aircraft was shot down by a group of enemy Iranian soldiers. I was, sadly, the only survivor. When the soldiers came to check the wreckage, they found me and took me as a prisoner of war. I stayed in a P.O.W camp on the island of Stratis for two years. During this time the Canton-Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty (CSAT) was formed and Operation Magnitude was launched by NATO. One day while I was sitting in my cell, a CSAT officer opened the door and told me to follow him. Along the way to our unknown destination, I was told that I had been chosen to take part in a project called “Modify”. We entered a dark room an I was told to sit down. After taking a seat, the soldier explained what Project Modify was. I was horrified. The military program was for scientists, registered nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, and paramedics to work together to perform human experiments with the end goal of figuring out a way to genetically modify CSAT soldiers so that they never needed sleep. That night, the other invitees and I got on a Mi-290 Taru (Transport) bound for a military facility above a town called “Lakka” on the Autonomous Republic of Altis, the administrative area of the Republic of Kosmark. The night we arrived, I couldn’t sleep at all knowing that they wanted me to perform human experimentation. I knew that I couldn’t go through with it, so that night I came up with the perfect plan for escaping. The next morning, myself and four others were forced into the back of a Tempest Transport so that we could be moved to the laboratory right above Pyrgos where the experiments were being held. About halfway through the drive, I asked the driver to stop so I that could take a leak. He agreed and I got out of the truck. Once out of sight, I ran as fast as I could through a field and then into a forest. My perfect plan had worked and I had successfully escaped. After that day, I didn’t know what to do. I knew that it was impossible for me to leave Altis since CSAT soldiers were recording every flight and boat that left the island. I decided that staying in the forest would do me no good and so I began investigating my surroundings. I came upon a dirt road and followed it until I reached the town of Rodopoli. As I was walking into the town, I witnessed two SUVs get into a head-on collision. I immediately ran over to see if anyone was hurt. I saw that one over the drivers was fine, but the other had serious injuries on her right leg and had dislocated her left knee. I opened the car door and pulled out the woman and asked if she had any first aid kits and she responded saying there was one in the trunk of her car. I grabbed it and went to work first stopping the bleeding in her right leg. Then used soap and some water to wash out the wound. Next, I applied antibiotic cream to reduce the risk of infection. Finally, I applied sterile bandages to cover the damaged area. After this, I had to deal with the dislocated knee. The first thing I did was straighten out her leg and then grab the splint from the first aid kit to stabilize it. I then had to apply surgical tape around the leg to keep the splint in place. Lastly, I put some padding on the splint to see if it would minimize any pain. Once I was finished with the lady, I called the NHS with her phone, but I left before the medic arrived since I couldn’t take any more risks of being seen. After that incident I realized knew what I would do. From that day forward I walked from town to town helping the injured and sick. Whenever anyone asked me what my name was, I would reply saying that I was just a simple wanderer.

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