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  1. @mell0 :)Is banned from forums. Please see his reply below from TS: So basically, I initiated clearly, I said numerous times for the victim to put his gun away which he didn't do, he then proceeds to tell me I am a no namer and shouldn't be saying this, so I said sir you are surrounded by multiple rebels in the area please place your hands up or you will be terminated. He then tries to run behind his vehicle and I also notice his mate approaching the vehicle so I shot him and his friend who clearly had a weapon out and was approaching me in a combat stance. There was a sonic boom at the time of the initiation I'm not sure if this is why he has had trouble hearing my voice however, it was very clear to me. And with regards to the team speak message, I thought it was funny, however clearly he did not so i apologise. You can also hear the police officer ask where the shots were coming from because it was an active fight.
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    The NHS needs you!

    If anyone has any spare time on their hand and are over the age of 18 then why don't you volunteer to help the NHS in a time of crisis! NHS Volunteer Responders has been set up to support the NHS and the care sector during the COVID-19 outbreak. To do this they need an 'army' of volunteers who can support the 1.5m people in England who are at most risk from the virus to stay well. Our doctors, nurses, those working in local authorities and other professionals, will be able to refer people in to NHS Volunteer Responders and be confident that they have been matched with a reliable, named volunteer. Volunteers must be 18 or over, and fit and well with no symptoms. Those in higher-risk groups (including those over 70, those who are pregnant or with underlying medical conditions) will be able to offer support by telephone. If you wish to help out then apply at https://www.goodsamapp.org/NHS. I myself signed up when the government first asked and i'm now ready to help out alongside my current job while stuck at home.
  3. In-game name: JackR (Reporting on his behalf) Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Wouter and 94694 Date of the incident: 03/25/20 Time of the incident: 22:31 What rule do you believe was broken: Failed Initiation Any evidence available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyMHaOdvByU Describe the incident: 5 mins before we were driving and my friend told me someone told him to put up his hand and as he said that he began shooting me and my friend who i was with coming to check it out seen them both they apporached and proceeded to say put your hands up while shooting with no time to react at all they then carriewd on to say they gave us enough time so they shot Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes

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