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  1. happy birthday Bassie! 

  2. Happy birthday, buddy! Enjoy your day :) 🥧

    1. Connor Benson

      Connor Benson

      Thank you Davidddd! 

  3. congrats on getting admin!!

    1. Bobb


      Thanks david!x

  4. well then, terrorist attacks on the other side of town.. I think I'll stay indoors today... 

    1. Slice


      Lol? There's a shoot out everywhere in my town aswell lol

    2. Big-Kev


      hope u are save mate heard it when i was working 

  5. Yeah it seems to be a mix between Factorio and No Man's Sky. I'm really looking forward to the release but like I said, I'm a bit reluctant to enter any pre-releases since No Man's Sky and DayZ Standalone.. XD
  6. Looks very 'No Man's sky'-ish.. Let's hope the devs don't mess up like the devs of that title.. Looks like an interesting game but I probably wouldn't buy it in pre-order, games where you can use the environment to craft or terraform are usually riddled with bugs.
  7. Sure thing, first thing tomorrow
  8. February Newsletter: This months newsletter can be found here for further reading and access to links,
  9. January Newsletter: This months newsletter can be found here for further reading and access to links,
  10. Happy birthday buddy!! My god, you're getting old ;) 

    1. Kral


      Thank you love, that's just how life is :))

  11. Welcome to CMO ;)

    1. David Holmes

      David Holmes

      Thanks Lyds!

    2. Cameron


      @HartleoAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH 7 months and counting

      Lad hasn't even been here 7 months AHHHAHHA


      Grats btw David, I'm sure you deserve it more than his nerd.

    3. Yeezysloth
  12. Happy birthday David! Have a good one

  13. happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  14. @alexnoobzamseems like a nice guy, +1 from me.

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