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  1. In-game name: Ivan Ivanovic Steam ID: 76561198355151361 Date of ban: 08/22/2018 Reason for ban: I was arrested by police and one of the police was admin, when they escorted us to their car they just stopped escorting me and other guy I was, then we saw that we can get in the car and we started getting in and how we had cuffs on it would eject us out and we started doing that. Then admin came and banned us for exploiting Staff member that banned you: Mc Miller Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes because they just left us there near the car and started watching us how we do it, they could easily taze us and stop it and they told us that they send us the message that we can't do that and we didn't saw that, I don't even know did they really sent us the message. I think it's stupid to give someone a perm ban for that when that could been easily stopped, they were just watching us there and didn't really do anything about that and how could we know that that's exploiting, that little thing that can't even hurt someone. And it's stupid to give someone a perm ban for hopping in the vehicle and getting out and it's stupid to give someone a perm ban when that could easily get stopped and they could easily taze us and send us to prison. They could easily taze us, get the car away from us, escort us in the car and how he was medic he could easily teleport us away from the car and tell us that we can get ban for that. I just joined the server 7 days ago and I don't know all the rules of the server. This ban could easily got bypassed but they didn't really did anything to stop us they just waited there. Why should we unban you? Because it's stupid to give someone a perm ban because someone was in handcuffs and he was getting in police car and getting out of it and it would been easily stopped. It was like admin wanted us to get banned and he just waited for reason why to ban us. I think that you should not give a perm ban for small things like this and that admin should said to us that we shouldn't do this because you can get banned and if we do this second time that he is going to ban us and he just told us that we are going to get perm ban because of exploiting, he should explain us that we shouldn't do this because who would think that getting in and getting out of the car with handcuffs is exploiting and here is the video of what I have done to deserve perm ban>>>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKPEKnpUsx4&feature=youtu.be <<<<< It just doesn't make sense to me why didn't they like do something about it, why didn't they tazed us or got their car away from us or just teleport us somwhere else where he could talk to us like man to man and tell us that you can't do this because who would think that you could get a perm ban for this. He just told us that we are getting banned and we were telling him that we didn't know. I think that I should get unbanned because I didn't knew that i'm going to get banned for this and I never break rules and now I know that I should not do this anymore because I just got on the server and I read the rules but I didn't remember all of them because there is a lot of them and I would need at least 3 weeks to remember all of them.
  2. I just wanted to ask how old do you need to be to enter police because I want to get in the police

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