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  1. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/hiv-and-<inappropriate3>/ sorry
  2. About the AAA. It's so annoying when they say they are going to impound your car for illegal parking when they park their car in the same place. IT'S NOT EVEN ILLEGAL. Great Article!
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    Cant log in

    he has 50 other brothers/sisters who play on the server with him
  4. sb0ndo5555


    just dupe +1 Huron takeout price is ridiculous and I cannot imagine anyone doing a run in it. I think the prices at different dealers should be looked at as well, as you said Kavala drug dealer should be improved but I think the other ones should be improved along side it.
  5. no swearing mate although it is weird it goes round and round like a round thing wtf mate you wanna fight dont you dare emoji me
  6. -1 no need no one will use this because people never share a house so this won't make any sense for RP and houses on the main road will cause people to possibly lag.
  7. In-game name: Nualovi Mendana Steam ID: 76561198172055451 Date of ban: 06/01/2018 Reason for ban: Duping Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: It wasn't unjustified. I did dupe for money so it was easier and I didn't have to grind as much. Why should we unban you? Dear Higher Ups, I believe I should be unbanned because I am a new person, I have fallen in the arms of Jesus (or any 'god' you believe in) and have completely rethought the way I work as a human being. I am very sorry for what I have done and will never do it again, I am also very sorry if whatever I have done has caused trouble to any players in-game or any staff members that had to deal with my ban. I know it looks a bit weird that I have been banned lots on this server but being banned for how long I have been I have started to get withdrawal symptoms from not being able to play on the server, this is by far the best RP server on ArmA 3 and I would love to play on the server again. I am really sorry and will never do anything of the sorts again. I will never dupe and try my best to never break any rules ever again. If I'm unbanned I'll take the chance to never break a rule or go below the standards for roleplay. I enjoy RP and would love to be able to play on ana actual RP server again for fun. I really care about the server and would do almost anything to be able to play on it again. I am really sorry for the trouble I have caused, duping and ruining the experience for everyone else. I will never do anything like this again. Yours Truthfully, N. F. Mendana

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