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  1. enQii

    bump, still have these. message on forums for them. Lowered the price to 5mil for the lot
  2. enQii

    How's June, the dirty bitch
  3. enQii

    shut up you gimp
  4. enQii

  5. hey smally when you coming back?

  6. enQii

  7. enQii

    Probably going to get declined but w/e. Is it possible that if a cop returns to a bluezone from a sit and you've followed them for 2 minutes you can kill them if they take a vehicle there that was used in a situation which you've followed them from. Been so many times where a cop takes an ifrit from APD or HM and just runs to a bluezone knowing nothing can be done.
  8. enQii

    it's just the regular hunters due to the price being 3 for 6mil
  9. enQii

    ill sell one for 2.5mil
  10. enQii

    nice one mac
  11. enQii

    sure, drop me a message on the forums when you can collect them.
  12. enQii

    Item: 3x Hunters Proof of ownership: Soon Buy now price: 6mil Starting bid: 3mil´╗┐ Minimum bid increment: 250k End date: 1/9/18
  13. enQii

    sugar daddy ? cheers lad thanks lad
  14. enQii

    ? Geordie Cheers ? Cheers bud Cheers lad Cheers I agree You seem to be missing the bottom half of ur body
  15. enQii

    goodluck mate x

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