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    In-game name: Nikos Steam ID: 76561198010481115 Date of ban: 04/03/2018 Reason for ban: Exploiting + Deleting NHS Documents Staff member that banned you: Fuel + Jordd Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: The ban wasn't unjustified at all. What I did was extremely stupid. Why should we unban you? Well that is a pretty good question. I am willing to answer this honestly. I have changed a lot since my community ban. During those 5 months I became even more familiar with Altis life and it's rules. I have taken the whole thing more seriously and I am willing to keep doing so. I apologize to everyone who was affected by my silly actions back in April. You guys are members of the best community I have ever come across. Take this ban as an apology towards the whole of reborn roleplay. I know this is much to ask, but Fuel all I would like is one last chance. You can wipe my account, blacklist me from all factions but please give me on last chance to play on this wonderful community. I played on this server for half a year and received 2 bans. (Including this one). Of course, this one is a very serious ban but please take into consideration that I wasn't taking the whole Altis life thing seriously. I guarantee to everyone, that If I get unbanned I will make sure I do not get banned not only for 6 months but for more than a year. I have read the rules multiple times since my ban and I am willing to obey them. Again, I apologize to everybody who is a member of this community, regardless if he is new or not. I caused trouble and I got punished for it. I understand what I have done wrong and I am willing to accept whatever the administration team decides regarding this appeal. If you have read this far, then thank you for your time!

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