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  1. I dealt with this guy earlier and originally banned him for rule 10.1 and didn't see him mass RDM anyone at the time. Action taken.
  2. Bobb


    Denied, you can't appeal 24 hour bans
  3. Okay since a better video with better audio can't be provided this report will be denied. Denied.
  4. A better clip will need to be provided for this report @Ritzy, i'll give you 48 to produce it. I need a better clip that provides better audio so I can be fair.
  5. I'll give the guy time to respond @!Mikeyif you could let him know as you've done a appeal for him before, also your video is very dodgy can you try fix it in any way @Ritzy
  6. Bobb

    Liam Report

    Ban has been issued. Actioned.
  7. Bobb

    Morgan The Hobo

    You soft logged quite a few times and you also do it quite often, and I can see this isn't the first time you've been banned for this offence, I think you should sit this week ban out and have a good read of the rules. @Morgan Denied.
  8. @KnightRider3xI've given you enough time to comp this player which you haven't seem to have done, so a ban has been issued. @tigerisbestplease put up a comp request on the forums. Actioned
  9. @KnightRider3xI'll give you 48 more hours to issue the comp before I proceed
  10. Both issued with a ban Actioned.
  11. Bobb


    Denied, its your own fault. Next time be more careful.

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