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  1. Ultor Hello and and welcome to Ultor Originally founded it Stillwater, we are a Private security organisation that cares about our.... lucrative clientele Highly skilled and trained officers will be at your beckon call minutes after requesting us willing to sacrifice themselves for YOUR security Price List £25,000 per officer for 1 hour £95,000 per officer for 1 wipe If the protection is for any "run" where the client will ultimately receive money at the end, Ultor will legally have ownership of 5% of whatever the gross income would be for said "run" Charges for our service will be paid 50% at the start of the service and the other 50% at the completion of our service. How to join Please fill in the list of requirements below and reply to this thread with your answers to them: -Hours played on Arma (Must be 200+) -Current or previous gang you was associated with -Reasoning for joining Ultor -Age (Must be 18+) -Do you speak clear and understandable English ? -Your Discord name and # Please note that all high ranking members of Ultor have the right to remove you from the organisation without any true meaning. "A brighter future and a better life"
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