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  1. _MNSY

    already sold
  2. _MNSY

    end is tonight around 8/9 @Abdul_ @Slim Pickens
  3. _MNSY

    just Cyrus and mags @Epicsounds good when you on?
  4. _MNSY

    Cyrus + 4 mags Mar10 + 4 mags Proof: https://gyazo.com/e7628d872eaa31aeac4829b64fc2a63 Selling separately Start bid 1.5m each 100K increments say which you're bidding for
  5. _MNSY

    gangs full of kids stop crying play the game🤖 tru
  6. _MNSY

  7. _MNSY

    we disbanded you had to do nothing???
  8. _MNSY


    sir you forgot to remove one n1 x
  9. _MNSY

    In-game Name: .MnsY Steam ID: 76561198107162505 Date of the incident: 02/09/19 Time of the incident: 1-1:30am Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: hemmt of meth unprocessed - not sure katiba loadout - 150k ish Please provide as much detail as possible: was doing a run and server desynced, me and blaine both died to it and medics logged off Any Evidence Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQEB0USCn9U desync @ 1:12
  10. _MNSY

  11. _MNSY

    hahahahah dont -rep me pls cheers classic kryptic
  12. _MNSY

    same? but yhyh maybe if you can actually get inside a base this week you’ll see this happen to all the shitters in kryptic. Ours is basically a free base tomorrow we’re disbanding just don’t get wiped someone else
  13. _MNSY

    Only have to look at your last page you’ve got 4/5 new trials ‘just our friends’ btw
  14. _MNSY

    this what happens when you mass recruit dw kryptic kid @Everblades66your gangs just done the same thing so you'll find out hahahah
  15. _MNSY

    Name: MnsY Hours(Screenshot): Previous Gangs: Xtacy Unity Adversity on here Why do you want to join: Want a gang with good players with fingers, long standing gang, hopefully more gangs coming around so will be active for it Anyone who can vouch for you: Caisey

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