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  1. - Abyss - only have money because I accidentally keep sending them money. Oh and yeah +1 for sure.
  2. I pulled out when I realised there was no mags. With no mags their just as useful as your binoculars.
  3. It's one of the biggest dick kives you can do. Rob somebody and leave them nothing but a compass to find their way back. I agree that you should be able to rob somebody for their NV. But I think the map should stay on you so you can find the closest garage or shop to rebuy your comms. But, if you're restrained you can't view your map otherwise some people may abuse this. If not then at least you should be able to come TS and ask an admin TP you or left you soft log. It's a tough one to deal with really. Maybe it should just stay, but I hope we all agree it's a class A dick move.
  4. Sounds good. Something good to use here and on TS. "Dave" as the name and Batman themed would be amazing if you could. Any particular charity you'd prefer me to donate to?
  5. Likewise @Lightningand thanks for the comment. Thanks @Matthew DarhkDarhkone of very few decent comps left.
  6. In-game name: Dave - Posting on behalf Ethan Armani [Forum Ban] Steam ID: 76561198108732841 Date of ban: 11/04/18 Reason for ban: Reach total warning points (https://gyazo.com/9676c65ceb045ddd3c916b1f8333cd0e) Staff member that banned you: Harry Lewis Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: It was justified Why should we unban you? I was banned because yet again I've received another warning on the forums which have now counted upto 5, at this amount I'm guessing you get a ban on the forums. I got another warning point because I posted two twitch clips from a streamers stream about his some what personal issues which wasn't the most mature thing to do.
  7. Nothing wrong with my VON or radio volume. You speak so quietly. I turn around and walk to you as I could hear something but wasn't sure what it was at first. As soon as I start walking to you which is when I realise something is being said you start shooting at me and give me no time at all to respond. I was unarmed and you gave me no chance to respond from the point I heard your initiation. Though it might have been your friend in side chat that said the STFU R****, you wasn't exactly being friendly was you? Even now making comments like "you're starting to piss me off". You might not be obligated to come to TS but what harm is there in resolving this properly instead of like this? I've no more to say about the matter. JB has the evidence and we'll let him decide on the outcome. I have screenshots of the toxic messages and a video from my POV showing the poor rp.
  8. You speak so quietly. JB has my clip so we'll let him decide whos in the wrong here. Just remember that you have the responsibility to make sure you are heard clearly over other in game sounds. The worse part was the attitude from your gang members. Also, why did you not want to come to TS? Wouldn't it have been better to resolve it there instead of chatting shit in side chat? You carry on talking like that in side chat and you'll be forced to explain yourselves more often on the forums.
  9. @Leeis this still a thing? I'm up for it.
  10. @Lightning you are a credit to the community. Good with community support and so fast at getting to them (I'm sure you have a macro set up or something). Always putting up suggestion on the forums, mostly good one and you're always happy with help people and give them your time. We'll deserved sir.
  11. What's more funny is that you think we've mass recruited when a new rule came in requiring us to use gang tags. Hardly anybody used them before and since we have, you've assumed we all of a sudden recruited 15 people at the same time of the new rule? Did you honestly not work that one out yourself @Frato?
  12. @LightningI think I get you. So let's say there's a totle of 48 talent points you can reach. Each talent point is a "level". You have 16 talent points so you'll be level 16? If that's the idea I think it would work better if it wasn't levels but just say "16/48" at the top of the talent point app on the phone. Sorry if I've missed what you're trying to say lighting.
  13. @The Endbeat pilot ever on this server. Let him show people another way to do runs and they'll want to join his crazy unique ways. But first you need to make it possible for him to do it in style. Any admins in game just watch him.

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