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  1. Dave (Blyatman)

    First if all, let me point out the lie here. You never tried to resolve this with me. If you had I would of apologised to you for offending you for saying the word "faggot". As most people know, the word has multiple meanings and I never directed it in any meanings or at yourself. So the situation was this. My friend Daniel went to Pablo's yo sell some gear. As he was there selling Mr Brody was camping and took him down. Shortly after a few people from Eternal arrive and destroy him. As usual Mr Brody gets upset and does his usual trash talk in side chat. I was in my Huron above and made a move to leave. I had shots fired at me and moved away but in this time I took damage to my helicopter and the fuel tank emptied quickly and I managed to land safely from 200m. I made this comment in side chat to my friends from Eternal and we had a joke about it. Mr Brody was not involved with this as it was a little but of "banter" between friends. However, I do apologise to you Mr Brody for clearly taking offence to my comment I made in side chat. I would love to come to TS and talk to you about it and apologise. I'm not homoeopathic and u don't have a problem with homosexuals including yourself (assuming you are as you've taken offence to take it this far as a report) But, as I said, this comment was not directed at you and was not meant to be offensive in a homophobic way. One last thing. I'm not sure where I broke the "Toxicity" rule which you claim in this report. Please could you provide me with the evidence.
  2. Dave (Blyatman)

  3. Dave (Blyatman)

    Name: Dave How long have you been on the server: About 8 weeks Have you been banned? if so why? Yes, once for "refusing to comp on a RDM". I actually didn't refuse to comp, I was asking for more info from a third persons view and I believed that could hear me initiate. Anyway, It was a mistake and I should have done better. That was within my first week and I've read the rules a number of times and harassed whitebeard a number of times to ask for clarification. Why do you want to join the 5th Order? Because there a gang who don't go around killing hobos. A lot of people have respect for them for that reason. Also, I love to RP, I'm no good fragger but I will BS my way out of anything through RP. I mean, I can use a gun, but I might kill shot my toes at the same time. What do you bring to the Order? As I said before, I love the RP and I know the rules well. I hope I have only positive respect if any respect at all across the community. Can anyone in the Order vouch for you? Lenny Smith Paul D Schnitzel And my mum but shes not part of the 5th Order is she?
  4. Dave (Blyatman)

    Would love the money for my own gimp suits. Can't keep using @Charlie Pollin as he's not as fat as me and there extra tight.
  5. Dave (Blyatman)

    @Tidus Some of the best RP I've experienced on the island. Me and @Psyquake (Daniel in game) have fun RPing with you today sir. So earlier tonight we had fun doing our usual act of acting as husband and husband who always argue. Tidus got caught in the middle of us having an argument because I didn't invite Daniel to a golf event I organised, he assumed I was away having an affair with another man. To try and chear Daniel up I had to spend a lot of money on expensive paintings at the art gallery. I was expecting Daniel to only choose two or three but he ended up wanting 7 of them and demanded I used my personal account and not the joint account. He didn't care about the money as long as I made him happy. I'm so surprised Tidus didn't get fed up with us arguing in game. My girlfriend was listening to all if this and I think she was even worried. Anyway, back to the main point here. Tidus RP was amazing during all of this. Me and Daniel had a brief conversation about our story beforehand. We never thought it would go as well as it did and this was only because Tidus made it possible. We even made the story go on longer by inviting him over to the house to see how rubbish it looked and where the new paintings would be hung up. The story started with us having an argument, but that is to Tidus we ended up happy again and recommend he sent into marriage counseling if the police and mayor job didn't work out. Thanks again for the fun and time Tidus.👍
  6. Dave (Blyatman)

    Best of luck Cristian, I'm pleased you've learnt from the best. Please don't forget me when you become famous 👍
  7. Dave (Blyatman)

    When the NHS handbook is updated we need to be informed with what has been changed instead of rereading the book again. Also, the poll. I voted "Needs improvement, but is generally alright.". If your more than about 8km from Kav, even with 3 or 4 meds online you still don't stand too much of a chance on being rev unless there is nothing going on. The dispatch system would fix this if it worked as it should. I personally think that the highest rank med online at the time should call the shots as to who goes where maybe? Also, the dispatch system needs to auto clear. When somebody calls in for a med twice it should clear the first one. When they log off or die/re spawn then they should auto be removed. When a med revives them, it auto clears. This would make the system so much better and faster. Just some ideas.
  8. Dave (Blyatman)

    As a civilian who does mainly RP with documents I have to agree that Daniel is a top top lad. He has time for anybody on the game and in TS regardless of his position. I've found it hard to deal with people of his level before but Daniel will always do his best to help any do straight away. Promotion to admin or not, he's a credit to the community, server everything involved. Keep up the good work Daniel, great example and model to everybody.
  9. Dave (Blyatman)

    I think the tone of your messages and the "Turd emoji" says it all. @Adam Briggs Can you have the last say on this please and do whatever you feel is necessary.
  10. Dave (Blyatman)

    @Adam Briggs Whilst I was doing this report he sent me £999,999 which I assume was comp. There really isn't anything more I can say to him. He just needs to stay calm when in a situation like this and not become toxic when hes in the wrong. If you want to take action for his behaviour and toxicness then that is your call. There is just no need to act the way he did and call me out like that. I just want him to learn a lesson and not behave like this in the future. It's not good for anybody.
  11. Dave (Blyatman)

    First if all, it is not for me to inform you of my location. You need to make sure yourself you are not breaking rules. I wasn't baiting shots at all. I was simply scouting the area to see if we had a chance of entering or not. In a situation like this I would have expected warning shots at most to say "yes we are here". I fired no shots back at you as I knew that would was be foul play. I wasn't expecting you to fire more shots at me and when you did I didn't have a chance as I was downed pretty quickly. I'm not sure why I would go around to try and make people break rules to claim comp and report. That is pointless and I would gain nothing from it. I will however try and resolve situation with people in game or TS, but if they have an attitude and become toxic and try and blame me for their actions I will go ahead with a report simply because it's not welcome on this server. If you wasn't so rude and toxic in TS then the comp would have been welcomed. But the attitude after all of this is not acceptable. You've admitted yourself that you we're toxic. When I said I had a MK1 you again got toxic and called me a lier and said it was a type 115. I quickly proved this and you then started moaning about "baiting shots" on the edge of the red zone. Which I made sure to keep a reasonable distance. You was toxic right from the start on TS by calling me sad for playing the edge of the zone. Not after you didn't believe that I had a MK1. As I said in my original statement I estimated as a rough guess 600k as I had a few scopes on me which I was testing. I never demanded there and then 600k, you asked how much for comp and I said at a guess 600k, but with the half price and extra scopes I had carrying on me I would have to actually work it out. You wasn't just toxic after that, you was toxic from the start and calling me out by saying my style of play was sad, which in turn it calling me sad as that's how I play. Though it's not sad as I was not edging the zone. In my opinion, if your calling my in game style of play sad you are calling me sad as I choose to play that way. Maybe you've not directly called me sad, but by proxy you have. I never received an apology in game or on TS. I was hoping that you would at least come to the post after calming down and say sorry for your mistakes instead of continuing to try and pass the blame and come up with excuses for your behavior. It's a new day now so maybe after sleeping on it you want to try again? I never wanted to take it this far, I wanted to deal with it in TS but you made it impossible due to your behavior and attitude. When you realised you had done wrong and was willing to comp you was too stroppy and toxic for my liking and the report is mainy for the toxic behavior.
  12. Dave (Blyatman)

    In-game name: Dave Name of the player(s) you are reporting: B | Ben 10 Date of the incident: 09/04/2018 Time of the incident: 17:50 What rule do you believe was broken: RDM and calling out Any evidence available: Describe the incident: I was scouting one of the capture zones and and kept a reasonable distance from the red zone but started taking fire from from Ben 10. I fired no shots as I did not want to brake rules but was using my scope to scout out only. After asking Ben to come to TS he stated I was edging the red zone and I said I wasn't and then he called me sad for edging the zone and not just coming in like he would. He was willing to comp but didn't believe that I had a MK 1 with 4 different scopes in my backpack (yes I know it's weird I had 4 but I was trying out different ones) He tried saying I only had a type 115. I said as a ball part figure 600k for comp, but honestly would have to work out how much it was. He wasn't happy with that amount and started being toxic on TS and and kept calling my style of play sad (which to me is calling me sad which I would call "calling out"). After he was being toxic on TS I just said leave it and I will go fill a report instead and leave it for the admins to deal with. After this he agreed he would comp, I said I am still doing the report as he was rude and toxic. Whilst filling this report a friend of mine was talking to him and Ben has comped me £999,999 which is more than the amount I stated at first. I believe hes over comped to try and save a report and possible ban. Just because of his attitude and the calling out I am still posting the report as the comp doesn't deal with the "calling out" and toxic behaviour. Just to confirm I am not after any more comp. But I do believe anybody breaking the rules and then being toxic on top of that need to face the consequence. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  13. Dave (Blyatman)

    Good job on the newsletter. Might be worth adding a note about the new mayor @Tidus (TheAmazingTiDus - hope thats your forum name)
  14. Dave (Blyatman)

    If I win I'll waste it on CSGO cases as I've not opened any for a few weeks. I'm due a knife anytime soon.
  15. Dave (Blyatman)

    Done Condoms haven't always covered the full length of the penis. Prior to the 15th century, men in China placed bits of oiled silk paper over their glans only, and men in Japan used tortoise-shell "caps." Ah, how Japanese condom technology has improved.

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