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    You on?
  2. 09jay


    you going buy now?
  3. 09jay


    items=guns proof of ownership=https://gyazo.com/81b60249f110f177eb76ec3ab16386a2 https://gyazo.com/ca86dffa613153d390da8f977bd46738 buy now price=4 mill starting bid= 2.5 mill end date= 14/06/2019
  4. 09jay

    09jay Report

    We alt 2 you then you kept flying around for 1-2 minutes then you start to turn your heli into me then I tried to turn away but didn't have another time. I was to far away to see your message in game so I didn't know you was in resolving and when I came in resolving you start being aggressive towards my higher ups and then you said I had to comp you for your for the retrieval price of a heli which wasn't even your as you said and I spoke to Boris about that and he said I wouldn't have to comp for that. If Boris says I have to comp then I will.
  5. 09jay

    09jay Report

    in the situation we seen a huron near thorium mine we then alt 2 the huron and he starts to fly away. I then chase the huron and then he does a turn in a the huron and starts to fly into me I then try to fly away but I didn't have another time to turn away. in the resolving xat just joins straight away saying comp me and wasn't trying to resolve properly he just said if I dont comp he's reporting he wasn't trying to listen to my side of the situation.
  6. I'll take a quilins minigun for 1.5 mill if you Want
  7. 09jay

    Bolt cutters

    -1 bolt cutters are fine
  8. -1 the cap points are fine

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