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    Every piece of evidence I've uploaded is litteratly using Windows movie maker. It isn't hard to spend less than a minute to trim it to the right length and click export. I get some people's internet is slow but there is loads of time where you can leave your pc on and upload it like when you go to dinner or will be afk for a while. Just because you die to a glitch or for whatever reason it isn't hard to upload it later in the day when you aren't playing. Also if your internet is that slow upload it overnight and have your pc autoshutdown after it is finished uploading there is software for that.
  2. Problem with that is people with gang bases will buy a load of them and sell them to other people
  3. Cheesecake

    Forum Tags

    Looks nice would be cool to have new ones. but maybe make police tags a bit darker compared to supporter tag?
  4. IMO if this was put in it should be whoever has the most cap points. encourages people to fight caps all week instead of 4 hours on a saturday night
  5. Holidays + cops can play as rebel on Saturday nights. In terms of the suggestion I kinda agree it is to close. If it were between moonshine trader / rock processor could be better. Downside to this is people from kavala chopping cars easier.
  6. Cheesecake

    Meal Deal

    yes please
  7. Could use assets from new dlc to make that look really good. Maybe you have to wear a suit of some sort
  8. the rule was never about tourniqueting it was about when cops could defib people and revive them
  9. Cheesecake


    -1 to op. Current system where you can still get some lmgs is fine imo
  10. Would do this all day tbh. could add wagers aswell to make it more intresting
  11. Cheesecake


    In-game name: Captain Steam ID: 76561198172310586 Date of ban: 10/13/17 Reason for ban: Money Duping Staff member that banned you: Unsure Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No, I don't disagree with the ban at all. Why should we unban you? It's been a year and a half back when the incident happend I was running around with a group of players who decided to do something and I joined in with them it was a stupid thing to do and it won't happen again seeing as I know the reprocussions , Plus ruining the economy by duping among other things is just not fun in the long run for anyone.
  12. Bruh moments #2 when??

    1. UpsyDaisyyy


      whenever i get enough bruh moments :)

    2. Trihardin


      that was actually pretty dope @UpsyDaisyyy

  13. I enjoyed this more than any montage made tbh
  14. You need to take this to police command / your constabulary Team lead not the forums since it's a police suggestion
  15. Blackfish can already load most vehices in such as a hunter, 2 quilns / prowler's
  16. In-game name: Gecko (posted on his behalf) Steam ID: 76561198004777551 Date of ban: 11/21/18 Reason for ban: [Inapropriate Content Sent to a Staff Member] Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: it was extremely justified even to over justified Why should we unban you? it has been a long time not too long time but i realised my attitude was disgusting and i never realised how my outlook was really poorly due to my actions and how i went about doing things in the server and i made really bad decisions that led to my punishment and i realised what i did and how those descisions affected my appeal and my time being banned i want to apologise for sending that content to that specific member and i allready have apologised personally; and i would like to say sorry to fuel personally for doing what i did i have grown up over the time i been banned and understood the rules more and know i grown up and finally understand not to do stupid things. I can say sorry so many times but i want to be given a chance to prove myself that i have become a better community member and i want to become a part of this great community i promise i wont do stupid things and i will be on my best behaviour and i hope we can loose our grudges and start on a fresh page i am sincerely sorry for what i did and i hope i see you soon! Btw ps. I apologise for being very rude and things. i just wish you could see that im not stupid and immature like before i never took arma 3 serious enough but now i do so i apologise to you personally for being a child and making you put up with so much problems by me. i hope we can one day have no grudes against eachother
  17. We never bring out 2 at a time, we might have a hellcat out and then switch into a ghost hawk after a while if the situatuon required it. Their main purpose is essentially to disable helicpptets doing drug runners for NCA and also assist TFU in attempts to prevent rebels using helicopters to their advantage in red zone. normally if there is a TFU patrol or NCA patrol and a clear reason to pull one out for example a Huron spotted a drug field or an orca spotting police sitting 200m in the air at cap points. Pulling out an armed hellcat is also not something taken lightly, an SI is needed for a tier 3 pilot ( which there are very few ) to get pemission to get one out. Ghost hawks are mainly only used at HM / Base bidding also requiring SI permission and a minimum of 2 mraps in the AO and have strict requirements about how they are flown and also gave to wait 5 minutes to rearm +time needed to fly to and from NPAS HQ this means there is always at least a gap of 10 minutes after we run out of ammo, furthermore we need to avoid getting shot down by BAF armed hellcats and also armed off roads / mini gun quilns. I can't speak for TFU as I'm an NPAS team lead but when we do pull armed vehicles it is a lot of work, the pilot has most likely been in NPAS doing daily patrols for at least a month or two and has dedicated time and effort into the unit thus the privilage of flying the armed helicopters.
  18. dlc will be called Amsterdam https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/brmqjh/arma_3_amsterdam_dlc_updated_2_hours_ago/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

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