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  1. Seem like a decent gang so far gl
  2. You literary got banned for hacking on another account lol?
  3. It's SURVIVOR perk it is not meant to have everything you need to go into a gunfight or use forever, just the basics to make it a bit easier when you spawn in and go to gear up or other things.
  4. Will vote for you since you will probably be more active than @Boris Popov
  5. Cheesecake

    Art Gallery

    Tbh art gallery is a good place to fight but it is also on one of the busiest parts of the map so you used to get alot of hobos caught in gunfire and in general it was cops just trying to snipe down the hill into art gallery and then push when most of them are dead which was the same every restart, zaros has alot more going for it imo, it is quieter and the area is alot better for gunfights with the town side and then the forest hills ect.
  6. Cheesecake


    In-game name: G-m-A Steam ID: 76561198133779764 Date of ban: 01/05/19 Reason for ban: Casino Exploit Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes 100% Justified Why should we unban you? Id like to be unbanned for the fine fact that i miss this community, its been a while since iv been banned and tbh iv missed this community and the atmosphere surrounding Reborn. I do admit that i did do the casion exploit and it was really foolish of me to do so. Personally i would never do something on the lines of exploiting or duping at all again, this is my only offense of something like this. I never useually do stuff like this at all. I just got told about the glitch and was low and cash and gave it ago and it worked, i am sorry for doin the glitch and giving myself a advantage by getting free cash i do regret doing it. I just hope to get one last chance off you fuel. I can amend my mistakes :heart:
  7. Right now blackwater are 25 caps ahead of everyone else mainly due to the fact of south outpost and their cheap gear so they can just keep dropping in. To make it fair for gangs which actually have to take the risk of doing a run then gearing up at double the price blackwater should only get 0.5 points per cap, as it stands now they would still be in the lead but just not by a ridiculous amount. This would make it more balanced as at the moment they will win it every week.
  8. Cheesecake

    Ofroad HMG

    +1 but, it needs to be craftable and not just buyable or everyone will have one

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