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  1. Holidays + cops can play as rebel on Saturday nights. In terms of the suggestion I kinda agree it is to close. If it were between moonshine trader / rock processor could be better. Downside to this is people from kavala chopping cars easier.
  2. Could use assets from new dlc to make that look really good. Maybe you have to wear a suit of some sort
  3. the rule was never about tourniqueting it was about when cops could defib people and revive them
  4. Cheesecake


    -1 to op. Current system where you can still get some lmgs is fine imo
  5. Would do this all day tbh. could add wagers aswell to make it more intresting
  6. Cheesecake


    In-game name: Captain Steam ID: 76561198172310586 Date of ban: 10/13/17 Reason for ban: Money Duping Staff member that banned you: Unsure Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No, I don't disagree with the ban at all. Why should we unban you? It's been a year and a half back when the incident happend I was running around with a group of players who decided to do something and I joined in with them it was a stupid thing to do and it won't happen again seeing as I know the reprocussions , Plus ruining the economy by duping among other things is just not fun in the long run for anyone.
  7. Bruh moments #2 when??

    1. UpsyDaisyyy


      whenever i get enough bruh moments :)

    2. Trihardin


      that was actually pretty dope @UpsyDaisyyy

  8. I enjoyed this more than any montage made tbh
  9. You need to take this to police command / your constabulary Team lead not the forums since it's a police suggestion
  10. Blackfish can already load most vehices in such as a hunter, 2 quilns / prowler's

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