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  1. They are both at the same town but I moved it at the end since when I tested it there was a hill you had LOS on half the compound and could shoot the deerstands from it with ease. Will also mess around with the bargate one some more and make it something I think is good
  2. Fair enough, i just think rebels should be holding the whole compound and protecting the vault instead of holding 1 small corner which is hard to push.
  3. I originally had a 2nd entrance at the back but i closed it up as i felt it would be to hard to hold, also there were bargates which i also removed to make it slightly easier to push as the main entrance can be shot from many angles This is what i had at the start and then i changes bits and settled on the end (all the walls are wonky as this was just a draft version i made dont judge) Also got bored and made a decent screenshot of the compound when i was thinking of how to make it
  4. Cheesecake

    Drug Lab

    I made a new Drug lab compound because i feel like it could be improved a bit since it was only 2 deerstands and a barracks, i changed the location so its close to a small town which will allow for rebels to hide and get an advantage while being outside of the compound, i also replaced the deerstand with a command building and closed up the rear entrances. also added a small hole for infantry to go through, the town provides cover for infantry to move up on foot and push through the entrance. I thought the inside of the compound needed some cover aswell so i added the 2 red crates for people to have a bit more cover
  5. Cheesecake

    server bans

    I feel like toxicity is something that shouldn't be ok and you can't just go round calling people stuff, however I agree with what alot of people are saying that many toxicity reports are made by rival gangs just trying to get people banned because they don't like them.
  6. It's already there. Go in and look to the right near the back door
  7. There's is one at the top left of the map

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