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  1. Cheesecake

    posted on wednesday btw
  2. Cheesecake

  3. Cheesecake

    In-game Name: Cheesecake Steam ID: 76561198128526183 Date of the incident: 10/18/18 Time of the incident: 6pm Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: 6 mill worth of paintings + 25% from dodgy dealer = 7.5 mill Please provide as much detail as possible: basically drove off from art gallery with all the paintings and a car came flying round the corner and devils bend and blew up the car, i think i should get comp because i spent alot of time roleplaying and i had a signed document which i used at the art gallery which i obviously wont be able to use again, Any Evidence Available: https://youtu.be/sohjiTRBGoE
  4. Cheesecake

    bus stop from prison? instead of neochori
  5. Cheesecake

    You wanted one
  6. Cheesecake

  7. Cheesecake

    I don't think that is neccasary
  8. Cheesecake

    +1 saved loadouts would be nice
  9. Cheesecake

  10. Cheesecake

    100k for the fun of it
  11. Cheesecake

    Black for kav White for Athira To distinguish more between constabs, could be intresting
  12. Cheesecake

    Name: Cheesecake How long have you been on the server: 1 year Have you been banned? if so why? Never even had a report agaisnt me Why do you want to join the 5th Order? i want to join a good gang that does RP and gunfights as i enjoy both, also this gang has a great reputation. I have spent a long time finding a good gang and this is a great fit for me. What do you bring to the Order? i am active every day and i have alot of experience on the server as i play 15+ hours a week. I have over 4k hours on arma, alot of that flying helicopters and planes as i am a CFI which will also be useful to the gang. Can anyone in the Order vouch for you? Conor, also played A&D a couple days ago with you guys
  13. Cheesecake

    you crashing into me allowed a mohawk and the rest of your gang to leave the airdrop with all the gear... thats the problem
  14. Cheesecake

    In-game name: cheesecake Name of the player(s) you are reporting: I | ^F7.oB Date of the incident: 10/14/18 Time of the incident: 3pm What rule do you believe was broken: VDM Any evidence available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNpe2gKjlPg&feature=youtu.be (longer vidoe avalible if needed) Describe the incident: Was at the airdrop doing strafe runs on the helicopters that kept trying to fly off and they flew an orca into me so they could fly away in the mohawk which had the gear in.... he came to ts to resolve but said it was an accident which in my opinion is not true as he came up directly behind me and had done similar things before this Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  15. Cheesecake

    I was involved in this as I was patrolling with conor. First of all there was no attempt to resolve in TS and your YT link is broken I was also present at this and I was closer to Pablo's where we heard a large amount of shots and a heli fly off shortly after, when we arrived there was a dead body at the scene so we informed conor who was closer to the heli as it was flying away and we weren't within range to tell it to land, you made no attempt to try to land after told to so conor fired at you before he was out of effective range.

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