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  1. Psyquake

    20184 Report

    Hi Adam, I have got comp now. Thanks guys, report can be closed.
  2. Psyquake

    20184 Report

    Been on all day @Adam Briggsand no contact was made to my knowledge.
  3. Psyquake

    20184 Report

    I am on at the moment too. IGN is Danielz so you can transfer it through when you are ready.
  4. Psyquake

    20184 Report

    Hi Phenom, I mentioned earlier I joined the Police so I no longer see side chat when I am on. I Also play under a different name when on as a cop so you can just drop me a message when you are on (sounds like you want to talk to Adam Briggs about the comp still), When I play as a cop my name is Danielz. So yeah, once you have sorted what ever it is you want to talk to Adam about drop a message to me and you can transfer the money. No rush from my side though so when ever you are ready.
  5. -1 Truck missions are also what got me started, pizza delivery's didn't seem too bad either. As for the other runs that people don't do, it add's tools for further RP to be have. The first time I visited blackwater, I first went to the quarry, then made it into cement and told then drove all the way up there in that horrible tempest construction truck to "conduct the renovations" of the border and base. There was a lot more to the story and the RP lasted for about an hour and a half and I had a blast. I have done a load of other things like that which has been great fun. There are quite a few runs that do not make it worth while money wise, but they add items for roleplay that extends further then the usual "my gun is a drill" at a fuel station robbery. Combat can be and is fun yes at times yes, but it really isn't the be all and end all of of the server.
  6. Hey man. I joined cops after I put the bid on the forum. I still want to take it off your hands but I am not sure I am allowed to anymore. Can a support member confirm this for me please? Would it be possible to cut it and just not pull it out the garage once that has been done?
  7. In-game name: Danielz Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Kyle Date of the incident: 12/07/18 Time of the incident: about 1ish in the afternoon What rule do you believe was broken: Combat Log Any evidence available: https://youtu.be/0mU2Q7_igRE Describe the incident: Kyle had been downed by an officer. A turniquet had been applied and he was informed twice of it but continued to disconnect right infront of us. Unable to resolve because he straight up disconnected. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  8. Psyquake

    20184 Report

    I am not sure of the amount. Any support members know how much the Huron and burgen bag of frogslegs turned into LSD willw get you with perks? I joined the police yesterday so I can't even make the run again to figure it out
  9. -1 just one of those things you risk while capping a zone with the new changes (which are better IMO).
  10. Psyquake

    20184 Report

    No Need to clear anything out mate. I said I am fine to accept comp. I don't know what the price for a huron + backpack full of LSD is with all perks maxed out would be though, I never pay much attention to what the run earns you. On that note though, I know for a fact you can't "claim" for the time not able to use the Huron to make profit, what I am not sure about is if this would count as potential gain. I was pretty close to the dealer etc but yeah I very rarely put up reports so a support staff would have to clear that up. My loadout was an AK12 with ghillie and the armour / helmet etc. Not sure either on the price of that, probably about 200k ( I have the perks for the cheaper gear). I paid black water tax for unlimited runs of 400k but I don't think I have proof of that, not bothered about it either to be honest its all good.
  11. Psyquake

    20184 Report

    I know I did not contact you, I said that in my original report " I did not try resolve as I do not know who the person was, I could only see the player ID" I am not sure if you watched the full video I posted, but you did indeed kill me. You took out my fuel tank, when that happens the only place you are going is down in my experience, which you can clearly see is exactly what happened. As for me refusing to resolve, I didn't notice any messages you sent while in game. I am not saying you didn't, I am saying I just didn't notice. I am fine to accept comp, but I would like it if a member of staff could clear up the rules on initiating on a chopper so it is clear going forward to avoid this sort of thing again.

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