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  1. Ross Stensfield

    excuse me paul but ur opinion on this is kind invalid as you made up rules about spike strips on the spot so yea i would take ur +1 with a grain of salt the thing i find funny is every gang/rebel even me always said cops are shit/trash what ever but once they get something that actually gives them an edge its instantly ''remove plis OP'' besides that 9/10 i use it on people that are baiting hard because if you keep driving you wont get spiked ez as it is. wanna avoid being spiked at all pull over hide ur id simple so yea -1 from me
  2. Ross Stensfield

    i mean thats a great idea adding the alt 1 to civs might aswell make it a skill because you know *CONTENT*
  3. Ross Stensfield

    +1 please do
  4. Ross Stensfield

    Actually a nice guy even though he is from belgium besides that active has decent meme's and can take joke so there you go monkey ps i just wanna state im posting this while high so yea i feel clingy have some brown nosing sir @Monkey
  5. Ross Stensfield

    cant believe im gonna say this but i agree with @Scott McTavish
  6. Ross Stensfield

    i recently heard that even running with a spike strip is classed as exploiting and alot of people including my self dint know so my suggestion is that actually add it to the website under "Reborn Roleplay Rule"
  7. Ross Stensfield

    atleast he tought it trough cant say that for most vdm
  8. Ross Stensfield

    original is better you pleb
  9. Ross Stensfield

    wether is cops or 5th order mah dude you have talent for brown nosing like smh
  10. Ross Stensfield

    how about when i change the hex colour for gang mates it actually saves
  11. Ross Stensfield

    gl with ur gang swedistan
  12. Ross Stensfield

    i would say have it only in redzones be allowed like said
  13. Ross Stensfield

    i could plus 1 this if it would be 100k a mag but +1 anyway
  14. Ross Stensfield

    You make 1.4m for a 20 min meth run lol thats worth a mk200 imo
  15. Ross Stensfield

    if cops cant do it than rebels should not be able to either

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