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  1. tbh i dont see the issue if a guy repeatedly runs u over 3 or 4 times why would u not be allowed to just kill them i mean
  2. +1 also whats annoying is when cops pull up when ur at drug dealer and instantly know ur selling drugs saying this is a known drug area like in rp if its a drug area why arent you doing anything so +1 cops should not have markers
  3. tbh im of the opinion of the girl talks like a man she can get hit like men( not taling full on ufc here) oh and maybe you dont appreciate me saying this but look at it this way what if she felt nothing for u and she cheated atleast she broke up i gues anyway sorry to hear u feel like shit
  4. +1 because grim and i go way back xx Adam Daniels
  5. lol kiddo and old its not even a week ago so how much did you pay him kek
  6. small dicks everywhere on this thread smh
  7. +1 you should be able to because well it makes sense +1 you should be able to because well it makes sense
  8. half the cops cant even count to 10 no offence how do you think theyre gonna do this? when i was in cops i rememberd people saying hmmm what was my whisper key again?? this aint gonna work but if you think it can fuck it +1
  9. In game name: Ross Stensfield Age: 20 Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: https://gyazo.com/f2e55c48007f97e16aca5b60eaff7584 Bank account balance: 1.5m just got unbanned will make some more Why do you want to join Vice? My boy cheesecake is in it plus i have heard some good things Previous gangs: cQw, 5th, -WMC-, Renegades, and some other unknown gangs Can any members vouch for you? Cheesecake
  11. so this is what you listen to in the army😁 so this is what you listen to in the army😁

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