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  1. Ross Stensfield

    nice if only i wasnt banned so i could play
  2. Ross Stensfield

    In-game name: ross stensfield Steam ID: 76561198368904127 Date of ban: 09/15/2018 Reason for ban: automatic ban for racism Staff member that banned you: - Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: yes i could not talk en were in gangchannel all having a go while defending in gangwars and i typed in group by silent focus and i said u niggers and it was all banter lmao Why should we unban you? because it was private banter between people in private channel, and no hate was channelt towards anyone
  3. Ross Stensfield

    let me put it in for you go to shop see what they are worth at hal price half that for each qillin x 10 thats ur opening bid
  4. Ross Stensfield

    excuse me why dont you do it urself lol
  5. Ross Stensfield

    nah flix man dont be like that joining eternal is like getting agree from an online college every one can do it look for a group with some honor
  6. Ross Stensfield

    than close the fcking auction someone
  7. Ross Stensfield

    +1 10/10 idea
  8. Ross Stensfield

    fck that sell her she is urs
  9. Ross Stensfield

    i buy u out
  10. Ross Stensfield

    I gave you that mk200 as a gift *cries in corner*
  11. Ross Stensfield

  12. Ross Stensfield

    hahahaha feels badman
  13. Ross Stensfield

    who da fock is that guy
  14. Ross Stensfield

    how much did you pay the guy?
  15. Ross Stensfield

    tidus is always +1 if only he would listen to twitch chat and become a rebel haha

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