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  1. Adamsky

    shame one the few people i knew who actually had comms... well atleast it explains why he was so good at spotting people
  2. Adamsky

    Goodluck half the server still doesnt know how to take a piss standing
  3. Adamsky

    +1 i mean wather i have 32 fps during gangwars or 26 who gives a fuck
  4. Gratz ur 1 year closer to dying

  5. Adamsky

    Cyka Blyat Gud Musich
  6. Adamsky

    Part 2 please
  7. Adamsky

    i mean we comped u more than we owe you and i kind of find it backstabbing because u were in our channel having a laugh even traden the video watching each others vids and than u suddenly report wich is kinda of hitting below the belt imo. especially because we comped and you seemed fine when we solved. and i would like to add we told you it would end badly......
  8. i would pay 4m for the asp
  9. Adamsky

    im not even gonna go into you m8 you dont know jack shit enjoy life
  10. Adamsky

    He killed somebody close to my family yes
  11. Adamsky

    Lmao if he is the closest u got than u dont know shit about true crime ever heard of de Dominee*
  12. Adamsky

    Its just sad imo that you would pick guy as inspiration for your gang that murdered his blood brother (bloed gabber) oh and with prostution i mean the fact that they bought a few buildings in the red light district with the money they got
  13. Adamsky

    Lmfao Really Willem Holleeder. also Prostution was more there thing
  14. Adamsky

    still waiting to be contacted lmfao
  15. Adamsky

    was on all day no one contacted me will be on tommorow again contact me than

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