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  1. lol rugby head bad at arma and WW2 nice
  2. these still for sale if so 7mil
  3. @Fuel

    Edited by Walsh
  4. lol make the black bars lower or increase the height of the where the chat is
  5. you didnt even kill anyone in the last clip?
  6. https://imgur.com/a/PsmN1
  7. lol i am bvanned for mass rdm not lagswitching
  8. In-game name: Walsh Steam ID: 76561198316319452 Date of ban: 12/01/2017 Reason for ban: Mass Rdm Staff member that banned you: N/A Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: no Why should we unban you? I am sorry for the mass rdm i know that it was wrong and was bad and i am sorry that i mass rdmed. But i like coming onto this server and having fun i know alot of people on the server and dont really talk to them anymore because i was banned and would love to come on and play again (@sanders) i would like to get back onto a server that focuses on roleplay a bit more unlike olympus or asylum. i want to be able to talk to people and know have rdm zones at rebel and the places where you proccess at i would like there to be an opertuinity for me to roleplay and just get a message in games saying hands up or die then getting shot 3 secounds later. i understand what i did was wrong and i hope that you understand this. I would love to get unbanned and start playing the server again and possible trying new was to enjoy rp.
  9. what are you on about
  10. sfu kappa venom i dont know how much more sfu can be turned into a meme...
  11. ahgahahahahahah i agree
  12. DId that just say kappa venom [SFU] hahaha what a joke
  13. bot sucre nah this was good just get better render settings plz <3 @Sucre
  14. we sorted this can we stop going on about it

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