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  1. In-game Name: Walsh Steam ID: 76561198316319452 Date of the incident: 10/18/2017 Time of the incident: 20:41 Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: N/A Please provide as much detail as possible: I sold a house on the server a coupple of days ago thinking nothing off it logged into my house that has all my gear in and the creates where missing relogged and waited for a server restart but made no change Any Evidence Available: House with No creates: https://imgur.com/a/yWsId - Items Lost: Will Pm Admin looking at the report with this
  2. we dont have striders
  3. should have not cut the song D:
  4. +1
  5. this is called being good at the game take some pointers
  6. you cant shoot striaght
  7. only 2 mins long D;
  8. nah i cant i am thick af apparently ask @Pablo or @JustJack
  9. what are you chatting
  10. sonny you would be there so it would be true learn how to play arma you washed kid
  11. so you why did you have to use the word dribble could you not have proven me wrong like i did to you i think you might be the one that needs to reevaluate your life if you have to call some one <inappropriate1>ed to get your point across
  12. dribble nice, look in the mirror
  13. no i replyed with shit that made sense you just keep on talking shit and keep getting angry and angry just leave it not worth it anymore
  14. haha dont get angry because you have been proven wrong
  15. hahah why you crying i think i am walsh as my name states. Learn to read.

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