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  1. Walsh

    Why put this when its obvs these are clips you have been saving up?
  2. Walsh

    Think this is the suggestion...
  3. Walsh

    In-game name: Walsh Steam ID: 76561198316319452 Date of ban: 07/07/2018 Reason for ban: Exploiting Staff member that banned you: Willma Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: no was justified, Why should we unban you? had like 10 people all spawn in at the base that i was at all at the same time and i looked through the floor even tho i could hear there foot steps was just a stupid mistake i dont believe i have been banned for exploiting before... this was a stupid mistake i am sorry that i looked through the floor and i will make sure that this does not happen again... sorry, thanks for looking through my unban.
  4. Walsh

    your an idiot
  5. Walsh

    it was a joke that you made into an argument? you could have just expected it but you kept going on... you still are making the same excuses. Csat wet suites do nothing? why keep bringing that up they sponge as much as any other clothes
  6. Walsh

    wouldn't you? cant you accept you got shit on? or your ego to big?
  7. Walsh

    nah would rather clip the bit where i shit on you looks better. your spine bent like ruler
  8. Walsh

    what then civ clothes... you are dumb stop tryin to make excuses.
  9. Walsh

    ? they add no extra Armour... but OK
  10. Walsh

    nope i included the part where you missed a whole mag
  11. Walsh

    @K-V Ur so good plz teach... https://gyazo.com/eddb820440034fa16ddaa8eb77eab4c2
  12. Walsh

    Sorry but you cant be calling anyone kiddo when you sound about 10.
  13. Walsh

    ye https://imgur.com/a/DSKjJPh
  14. Walsh

    that tommy guy keept going on so i thought u saw it and you never asked in the first place so
  15. Walsh

    i work used to work in McDonald's and they are taking the piss those screen shots are real..

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