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  1. Player report denied. You both could easily have resolved this on Teamspeak. This is just an accident that can happen. It's just unlucky that you both went the same way. Also just to mention the airport is allowed to be used by everyone and not only police. That police having an HQ there doesn`t mean that you guys having privileges.
  2. bassie


    Denied. Had enough time to contact any staff lead.
  3. bassie


    Denied Had enough time to contact any staff lead.
  4. bassie


    Denied Had enough time to contact any staff lead.
  5. bassie


    Denied Given enough time to contact any staff lead.
  6. bassie

    Boris Popov

    Denied. Had enough time to contact staff lead.
  7. Denied. Given enough time to contact any staff lead.
  8. @Luckii I will unban you as its a very long time ago. And can't really remember why you got banned exactly. But I'm pretty sure it was not just for some stupid reason. Unbanned
  9. @Ram Ranch @RebazDeCaesar Have you already solved it?
  10. Happy Bday

    1. Paul D

      Paul D

      Cheers x 

  11. bassie

    Delete please

    Gang Disbanded
  12. bassie

    Burger Bandits

    Gang disbanded
  13. bassie

    GZ and tazers

    Just don't wear your illegal firearm if you don't want to be bothered with police.
  14. bassie

    Big Corey D Report

    Player Report denied. If you where just flying over I would say he could not tell if you are involved or not. But at this point you guys going straight to your friend while you guys knew he was initiated.
  15. bassie

    Connor RDM

    Player report Denied. No response for the guy that's reporting. So I will decline the report.
  16. bassie

    Connor RDM

    I want connor to compensate @majoruncleduckIf needed come to Support channel so you can work out a fair amount of compensation. Just something I want to add. Conner keep in mind that ALT 1 / ALT 2 have a range. It's not unlimited which means that you can't just spam it around. Just let me know when you guys Solved the Compensation.
  17. bassie

    Houses and garages

    It's already an option on your phone. So I will close this suggestion.
  18. Player report accepted All 3 Perm banned for exploiting the NLR system!
  19. @HeB0BI want you to compensate @HarryTfor hist lost gear. So HarryT let HeBoB know how mutch he needs to compensate you. I'm going to leave the PoorRP and Toxic away from the player report. As I'm not having the full recording but just a bit and don't think it will make a big difference either. I can only suggest to use teamspeak next time to resolve. And if you want to resolve easy go to the support room and have a community member assisting you in the resolving. @HeB0BTo warn a helicopter you need to use ALT + 1 (Tells them to leave or they will be shot basicly.) But give them some time to leave ALT + 2 (Tells them to land the helicopter) Same as the other give them time to comply. Let me know when you guys sorted the compensation. So I can close this report.
  20. bassie

    74255 Report

    Player report accepted Player perm banned for Mass VDM + Killing after VDM.
  21. Player Report Accepted. Player already banned for some other rule break. So I will add this to the ban note.
  22. I will give Thomas o Leary @HeB0B24 hours to reply with his side of the story.
  23. @Sir.Can you send me the video. So I can have a look into the evidence.

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