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  1. bassie

    Player report Accepted. Player banned for 6 Months. Reason being Homophobic ingame. Player also received a ban on Forum and Teamspeak for being toxicity.
  2. bassie

    Compensation request accepted To collect the compensation press Y > Settings > Compensation > Accept compensation.
  3. bassie

    Player report denied. It's getting denied as there is not enough evidense to proof that @Eamonvdmèd you. But I will allow you to make a comp request. But keep in mind it will not be 100% as you guys still could be robbed/killed.
  4. bassie

    @Bob BobertsAre you 100% sure its this person? And are you able to provide any evidence showing it is this person?
  5. bassie

    Player report denied. Don`t see any reason to ban somebody because he said "dribbler "
  6. bassie

    @EamonAnything you want to add from your side? As it looks like a clear VDM to me. Will give you 24 hours to reply.
  7. bassie

    Moved to the Perm ban appeal section.
  8. bassie

    Ban appeal denied. Because this is already your 4th ban in just 1 month. I suggest you take some time to read our rules and stick to them when your ban expires. Your ban will expire on 4:52 PM on 03/03/2019 @mell0 :)
  9. bassie

    Moved to Archive
  10. bassie

    Player report denied. I can agree that he could use a little more imagination in the initiation. But still he told you to stop the car and you decided to keep on driving. So no rules are broken in this situation @T.R
  11. bassie

    Player report denied. Don't believe this was on purpose. But just to make sure I will add a note on his profile.
  12. bassie

    Player report resolved.
  13. bassie

    Player report accepted. Thefi banned for combat logging. Sammer18 Currently already banned for PoorRP. Ginja ´╗┐jo´╗┐ Currently having a Perm ban. I hope those guys understand that they should fully respawn before they disconnect.
  14. bassie

    Player report denied. @chineseboiI will put a note on your name about not proper initiation. If this keeps happening than a ban might be issued. @Niklas As nobody of you guys died I will give him a written warning. And a note on his name.
  15. bassie

    Player report resolved. 270k transferred from sargryan to flix. @FlixTo receive the compensation open phone > settings > compensation
  16. bassie

  17. bassie

    Well if you guys just used the Shift + S it would not be an issue. But instead, you guys decided to disconnect. With is being seen as Combat Logging. Ginja Jo > Disconnects 50 sec after being downed. Sammer18 Disconnects 2:25m after being downed. Littlekev /thefi I Dont know as not showed in Video
  18. bassie

    @FlixCan you send me the video.
  19. bassie

    @NiklasDo your friend have any POV of the initiation? As he is way closer.
  20. bassie

    @Toby WesselWhere should I be able to see the NLR? As it are 2 different gangs. Video 1 you guys shot > Gang Pyrus Video 2 you guys shot > Gang Kibole So where is exactly the NLR? As it are 2 different gangs.
  21. bassie

    @Charly @ErektsioonCan you both confirm this report has been solved.
  22. bassie

    @sammer18So you confirm you combat logged? As while you still were downed you disconnected your PC / Internet.
  23. bassie

    @Frank{FrankTheTank}Anything you want to say from your side? Will give you 24 hours to reply.
  24. bassie

    @Ram [email protected] (Shaun)Can you 2 solve the RDM part on teamspeak. In my opinion, @Ram RanchShould receives a small compensation for the RDM as he complied. @Unknown (Shaun)If you want to prove that they Combat logged that we will need some video evidence. As screenshots will not be enough. Let me know if this is being solved on Teamspeak.
  25. bassie

    Player report accepted. Player banned for poor roleplay. Just knocking somebody out without saying a word and then initiate is just poor and against our rules.

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