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bassie last won the day on July 15

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  1. back already?

    what was the point in leaving and making a big post about stepping down and 2 days later you come back?

    1. Tivroxx


      What is the point in making a status update about it to cause some shit. Let him be, he is doing work other people can't even do and others don't want it. He probably just felt like he should have been told something and cooled down a bit. 

  2. Lee

    The curse of a departure post.

  3. Welcome back to management ? I guess ?

    1. ! cbjo

      ! cbjo

      welcome back

  4. bassie


    Unbanned. To be fair I dont believe your reason but I will give you another chance. So next time make sure you got decent proof why you need to softlog or it will result again in a ban.
  5. bassie


    Unbanned. Hope your learned from your mistake.
  6. @Bobb All yours to deal with.
  7. Unbanned. Make sure this wont happen again.
  8. Happy Bday

    1. Harry


      Cheers man 

  9. o7 bro

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    2. ! cbjo

      ! cbjo

      @XartBassie isn’t management anymore, don’t know if he resigned or not. Didn’t ask just saw he wasn’t

      Was a Good Admin, Staff Lead and Management

    3. bassie


      I left boys

    4. Sir.
  10. bassie


    Unbanned. Make sure this wont happen again.
  11. bassie


    Unbanned. Make sure you read our rules before playing on our server.

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