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  1. bassie

    Well i suggest you guys try and solve it on Teamspeak. If needed you can ask a Community Support member to assist. @DeSiNNeR @Axel @qShadow99
  2. bassie

    Player Report Accepted. Player banned for Combat logging. Thanks for letting us know @Yeezysloth
  3. bassie

    Player Report Denied. I don`t see any NLR break in the recordings provided. And you also claiming RDM but that`s also something I don`t see in the recordings. So that's why I decline this player report. As we can clearly hear that he should put his hands on his head. But instead, he is yelling you breaking NLR which he is not doing as he did not respawn! @Kattana @Marshall Conway
  4. bassie

    Player Report Accepted @goldshot To be fair you don't make any attempt to not run into him. You could have easily braked and not hit them. So, therefore, I ban you for VDM. This is going to be a month ban and can be appealed after 7 days. @Adam Briggs
  5. bassie

  6. bassie

    Player Report Accepted. All 3 players banned for 1 day is your not allowed to rob NHS members. Thanks for letting us know. @Charlie Thomas
  7. bassie

    @Marshall Conway Are you able to provide a longer video showing him breaking NLR? As I cant see any NLR in your video. Also you claiming RDM in those 2 recordings but to be fair he told the guy to put his hands up. And he did not comply he just yelling you breaking the new life rule.
  8. bassie

    Player Report Accepted. Banned for not initiating before shooting. It's a 1-day ban as it's his first offence. @Matt Brody
  9. bassie

    Comp request denied. @lgib4dayz If you having evidence of the situation then please fill in a player report. If that one getting accepted. Well then your allowed to make a Compensation request.
  10. bassie

    Denied and Closed
  11. bassie

    Player Report Accepted Both players issued a 1-day ban as it both their first offence. @Pune Thanks for letting us know
  12. bassie

    Player report accepted. Player banned for 1 day as it is his first offence. @alexnoobzam
  13. bassie

    Comp request denied. The car was the same distance away from the signboard so own mistake. We also don't compensate for your own mistakes. Next time think twice before storing a vehicle.
  14. Player report accepted. Player banned for poor rp. @LordReeee if need any compensation then please fill in a comp request.
  15. bassie

    Player Report Accepted. Player banned for RDM on NHS Member. @BootySmashr

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