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  1. bassie

    Mmmh police arresting me? Well I will accept that challenge haha. But I will make it a little more difficult next time. As I will use an SUV to get away.
  2. bassie

    @Sgt. Taylor You currently play under the name RhysJ? If so then this is your steam64 > 76561198821471545
  3. bassie

    Player report accepted. WP | Adam white 7 days banned for RDM. WP | Delta white Already PERM banned for another offence. @Joe Darkson
  4. bassie

    Comp request accepted. 444k added to the bank account. Your ship will return after restart if it blows up. @DankFin
  5. bassie

    Comp request accepted. 110k added to bank account @SirJay
  6. bassie

    Contacted WP Adam White & WP Delta White ingame about this player report. Told them to reply here within 12 hours.
  7. bassie

    @yalyal159 Are you guys gonna solve this today? otherwise, I will issue some bans. As this has already taken enough time.
  8. bassie

    @yalyal159 His teammate got RDMed as well as he was not initiated. So yes you can compensate him.
  9. bassie

    player report denied. But will have some things I want to tell you 2. @Tony Mantequilla First off we will decide if given evidence is enough or not. I leave it by a warning this time and won't issue a ban for RDM. But next time make sure you initiate before shooting. That cops come to you and step out is not enough reason to shoot. Also, keep in mind you guys were robbing the store so its logic that police also response on that. @TMF JP Next time just give the evidence that an admin ask. As this time it resulted in a deny of the player report.
  10. bassie

    Report denied. Already solved.
  11. bassie

    @yalyal159 I can confirm the gear he had. Also the 450k cash on his body. Let me know when its resolved. Will give you guys 12 hours.
  12. bassie

    @TMF JP Please upload at least 3 min before this RDM happens. Also just wondering did they press the panic button? As that will inform any other officer that they are in danger.
  13. bassie

    Player report resolved on Teamspeak. Money transferred from lightning account to Leeroy`s account. @Lightning @[KingPin] Leeroy Jenkins
  14. bassie

    @Lightning I suggest you have a second chat about compensating @[KingPin] Leeroy Jenkins At the end of the day, it did not fit and would have exploded anyway. You choose to drive over the main road with a Plane. Well then at least accept if something goes wrong. Instead, you waited to clear the way you still try to drive. And that's your problem. Let me know if you guys resolved this.

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