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  1. bassie


    Wiped and Unbanned. @Kieran
  2. Denied. You sold the paintings by yourself. So you should know clearly it was duped. Try again in 1 month. @Connor Merlin
  3. bassie


    Denied. You can make an unban appeal after 3 months. @P a g e
  4. bassie

    Blue - Forum Unban

    Unbanned. Follow our forum rules and dont post shit comments or on things where you are not involved with.
  5. bassie


    No response from his side, so i will deny this unban appeal.
  6. bassie

    Luco Bond

    Unbanned. I suggest before joining the server to take a look into our server rules > https://www.rebornroleplay.com/rules/server-rules/ @Luco Bond
  7. bassie

    Luco Bond

    @Luco BondCould you tell me what rules you broke?
  8. bassie

    Moses Ricky II

    Unbanned. Make sure this won't happen again. @Mason
  9. bassie


    Denied. Can appeal after 3 months
  10. bassie


    @KiingofdomoContact Me or Wilma on Teamspeak so we can have a chat.
  11. bassie


    @CummmyyyContact Me or Wilma on teamspeak So we can have a small chat.
  12. Unbanned. Just a heads-up. If you got banned and somebody else connects from your network towards our server it will notify us. And admins will ban as it will look like ban evading. @USE CODE: benny2g

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