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  1. Denied. Not given the needed information.
  2. bassie


    Denied. Stop making unban appeals every day or it will result in a forum ban.
  3. bassie

    Rocco Enzo

    Unbanned. After having a long chat with management we decided to give you a chance. So dont screw it up!
  4. Fin


    1. Fin


      Unban newbie u fatty 

  5. bassie


    Denied. Come back after 3 months.
  6. bassie


    Denied. After having a chat with management we decided to keep you banned.
  7. It's that time again where you can join the staff team here at reborn roleplay. If you wish to apply you can find the application here. Applications will stay open until Saturday 19th of October then management will go through them. Best of luck to all who apply.
  8. Unbanned. Dont be attacking people on the forum as it will result in a ban again.
  9. bassie


    Unbanned. But let me make one thing clear! Be toxic again and it will result in a long time before getting unbanned.
  10. @TRR | Isacsb1Any update on this one? Otherwise let him send me a PM on discord!
  11. Unbanned. Act like a idiot on forum and it will result in another forum ban.

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