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  1. Jimboke

    nathan davies

    @nathai have decided to lower you ban to a week, i want you to learn next time don't call people by their name when you don't know them. stick to roleplay, you will be unbanned on 06/19/2019 11:33 PM.
  2. Jimboke

    nathan davies

    @nathaDo you have any video proof about this?
  3. I have decided to give Nathan davies a ban for metagaming, you will be banned for 1 month you can appeal after 7 days.
  4. Jimboke


    Comp request accepted 1.7mil added to you bank @K-V
  5. @L.Honore [AlphaTango727] I give you guys one more chance to resolve this situation on teamspeak, if that will not work out i will ban Nathan Davies for metagaming.
  6. @Meemand @Habib el Sarwa7shei give you till tomorrow to resolve other wise i will issue a Ban for @Meemnot value his life.
  7. I would like to see still that you guys try resolve this on teamspeak if you guys on tomorrow i would like to be in the channel to help you guys out. I my eyes its stil not value your life and that not the kind off rp we wana see on our server. @Meemand @Habib el Sarwa7she
  8. @Habib el [email protected] would like to see that you guys try to resolve this on teamspeak or discord if you need help to resolve this i would like to be there.
  9. @Habib el Sarwa7sheDid you guys try to resolve this situation?
  10. @Habib el Sarwa7sheCan you upload your video, because the link you sending in doesn't work for me.
  11. Jimboke

    Paul D

    Comp request accepted. 175k added to your comp box @Paul D
  12. Jimboke

    Paul D

    Comp request accepted. 200k Added to your comp box. @Paul D
  13. Jimboke


    Comp request denied I refuse this comp request because I can see that your boat hits the ground of the shallow water. @Jazz
  14. Jimboke

    Jay Report

    Action taken. Jay banned for RDM 1day, Not coming to tell his story about this sitation. @Nathan-BIf you did lose any gear that you where not revived feel free to put a comp request up.

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