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  • A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... Reborn Wars Episode Unknown - Saturday Returns.... Every week on Reborn, the gangs go to war in order to take control of the galactic gang bases. Only Two gangs can be victorious. Meanwhile on the moons of Panagia, Staff Lead Outsyder camps the garage sign, awaiting unexpecting hobos to transverse into his crosshairs.
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  • knock Knock! ........... Who's There?.......... THE POLICE, HANDS UP OR BE TASED!!!
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    1. Fantastic, reading that has made my day thank you
    2. In-game name: Luke Willows Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Mike Stevens Date of the incident: 04/12/21 Time of the incident: 20:45 What rule do you believe was broken: Stealing from Blue Zone + Toxicity Any evidence available: First two Gyazo clearly show inventory before and after stealing 1.) https://gyazo.com/c0aea234cabd093751a42a453b29a977 2.) https://gyazo.com/43bff7965ac73ff01c0256624f3564f8 Last Gyazo toxicity: https://gyazo.com/08801b25a85f8ebe0c7d546a448e981e Describe the incident: Stole from bluezone
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