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    5th Order

    Name: James How long have you been on the server: Since June Have you been banned? if so why? None Why do you want to join the 5th Order? The gang follows my type of play style, love to RP, most of the people i play with are in here What do you bring to the Order? I am energetic, dedicated and can bring good RP Can anyone in the Order vouch for you? Lenny Smith, Paul D, Schnitzel
  2. jdsarge25


    -1 the way you suggested it. You need to rephrase it. Way to vague my dude
  3. why suggest something about admin when you aren't an admin ?
  4. GL hope I don't gotta revive you lol
  5. As a medic idea 1: I agree that the time should be increased when you are tourniqueted, as when a tourniquet is applied to you it extends your living time significantly to get to a hospital/ be treated in the golden hour. +1 Idea 2: I completely disagree, if we want as medics or the people around the downed player can RP with the downed player a certain death such as wounds are to bad or something else. -1 Idea 3: Suicide Time increased when medic responds to a call for service -1. Our job is to be everywhere at once to help everyone that needs it, the 3 minutes have worked well in the past, so why not keep it. It's the few that ruin it for everyone else, you suicide when I get to you, I will see you on the forums sorry but I ain't wasting my time to fly like 10km for you to suicide. Idea 4: ÔÇ£bus travelÔÇØ sorry but our ways of transportation have worked In the past for years I don't wanna change it now. Near by grab a vehicle, far away grab a helicopter-1
  6. It's a good idea but I see no need for there to be certain amount of cops on for this to actually take place
  7. https://plays.tv/video/5b9917b95aa03a4d4b/ok-
  8. jdsarge25

    epi pens

    All you people argue that you don't get picked up when all you gotta do is have a friend tell the medics with a EMS request that the shooting is over and we will revive you, idk why no one has the common sense to do that. We usually stay away because people are always shooting hence it being called a red zone.

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