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  1. Right so This is a in game content suggestion. You buy a laptop from a shop, which you can take anywhere on the map and place on the ground. from this laptop you can choose to hack into the police wanted list system. and there you can either remove yourself from the wanted list, or add/remove someone else from/to the wanted list. a general area of your location will be shown on the map a certain time period will be required.to wait for the hack to complete. without any of the talents under, your real location will be given to the police upon initiating the hack. Talents: Category: Hacking Tiers: 1 VPN: will mask your location 1-2 times before giving the police your real location. 2 Proxy: will mask your location 2-3 times before giving the police your real location. 3 VPN+Proxy: Will mask your location 3-4 times before giving police your real location. Removing yourself from wanted list will end the hack and if you want to remove or add someone else, you will need to re-initiate the hack. Adding someone else will require you to know said persons ID number, and you can choose from a predefined list of wanted reason, wanted price will be automatically calculated depending on what you choose as wanted reason.

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