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  1. "Active combat" - this do not allow you to kill everyone in the city I can bet you knew I wasn't involved, you could hear it. What's more, you told me to call for admin in direct communication - this is also metagame. You try to pick up the weapon which was under the building - this is glitching. https://streamable.com/ra97m
  2. I wrote to you on side chat and to be sure you saw it I told you to go to TS, so stop talking about metagaming. Everyone can hear my voice on your video when I say I am not involved.
  3. In-game name: !!RedThief!! Name of the player(s) you are reporting: [APC] Majed Mcdavid [Alketbi] Date of the incident: 01/07/18 Time of the incident: 4:50PM What rule do you believe was broken: Poor RP Any evidence available: https://streamable.com/qyxj0 Describe the incident: Few players try to rob someone. After they killed him one of them asked if I am involved. I said "I am in the building and I am not involved, then they opened fire and killed me" Majes said he can give me 100k but in fact he shouldn't do that cause it was active gunfight and he don't have more money. He said he don't not care about this report. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  4. OFC I can see it! I was sure I was in front of the door.
  5. I don't need lesson because I have never try to do that and I will never need to. This happened because you locked the door and I was sure I was outside. That is all in this topic. Leave it for admins.
  6. "anyone can die at any point " - Why don't you try to escape? " everyone who plays arma now's if you go first person and your looking at a wall or anything you can see thought it " - RLY? you are wrong "kid". I am not looking for bugs in this game, I am not you. This is stupid, I could simple open the door and easyly kill you. I was in first person perspective didnt change to it...
  7. #Ivan watch your language! That is true. I was going to buy something at rebel outpost, then I heard steps. I saw unarmed person who definitely did not respect his life. Instead of trying to escape from his hopeless situation that player start runing around me waiting for death. While I was taking off my scope he closed the door. Unfortunetly I was on the middle of it so in first seccond after he closed it from my perspective I was outside the building but seccond later after first shots game moved me inside. Not intential at all. I will upload the wideo soon, so you can see what I saw. Absolutely not intentional exploiting (he closed it not me), I had no idea about this bug and still it did not change anything he was dead anyway. I am willing to comp. Evidence: https://streamable.com/2v3vv #Iwan Look at you, how you play. Do you respect your life? Think about that.
  8. Red_Thief

    RhyX Report

    Ok, you can catch me on monday
  9. Red_Thief

    RhyX Report

    RhyX refused to pay compensation.
  10. I lost 2,55M in items which I can buy plus ASP-1 Kir with 2 mags. I have no idea what is it worth, I guess something about 1M? If yes, then total amount will be 2,55+1M = 3,55M
  11. Red_Thief

    RhyX Report

    I am waiting for comp
  12. Red_Thief


    In-game Name: !!RedThief!! Steam ID: 76561198088027841 Date of the incident: 12/14/18 Time of the incident: 7PM Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: 2,55M - 3,5M (2,55M + ASP-1Kir=1M???) ASP-1 Kir x1 + 2mags ADR97 x1 P07 x1 MK18 x3 SPAR16-S x1 CAR95 x1 AK12 x4 MK1 x2 .... RCO x3 MRCO x3 ARCO x2 AMS x3 LRPS x1 Suppressor 5,8 x1 Suppressor 6,5 x1 NATO Bipod x 28 Please provide as much detail as possible: Epic, BlackWater were chasing my truck. My speed was constant i was on the road did not turn then my car blow up. Looks like I was hit. Any Evidence Available: Explosion: https://streamable.com/qs2ol Cargo: https://streamable.com/ok6f0 video with bipods only for admins
  13. Red_Thief

    RhyX Report

    MXM+scope+bipod+silencer+ammo+ticket = 275k
  14. Red_Thief

    RhyX Report

    It is not in victim's interest to try to hear the initiation, it is rather part for aggressor to say it loud, clear and be sure his target can hear it. Imo it is Fail RP. You had helicopter, car and many cops arround, it was easy to do it in correct way. When he said "stop or I will tase you" I was about 75-100m away. Direct communication works in 40-50m max when its silent, in this case I could hear it from 20m. But.. I have question to #Ollie_. Is useing taser without conversation a good initiation?
  15. Red_Thief

    RhyX Report

    1) https://streamable.com/lmfrf - after that I was waiting for you on TS. 2) Have you heard any initition on my video? 3) " One of our officers initiated on the man with a taser. " - Initiation with a taser!!! OMG... Taser is a weapon so maby I will initiate on you with a MXM? Have you ever seen cops shooting with tasers to people without a single word in RL? That would be mess ?

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