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  1. Sid Ganji

    @t0es Done
  2. Sid Ganji

    @t0es I'm on now
  3. Sid Ganji

    Ok, @t0es let me know when you're on and I will sort out the comp.
  4. Sid Ganji

    Sure I'll comp, however can you check the price as i don't believe it's 1.2mil? Right after this situation I sold 48 pot for around 150k, so I don't believe the amount would be this high as pot prices were low.
  5. Sid Ganji

    I still don't believe comp is necessary as of yet, taking away from the fact that your team mate failed to communicate demands, you still decided to return fire on us after I began shooting out your tires meaning that we were allowed to kill you. I've detailed this multiple times over my response, but I believe that this is the deciding factor here and it can be seen in the fact that Sam had the opportunity to shoot and kill multiple times as you were running around your truck, however didn't until you returned fire upon me meaning that the one way initiation was removed.
  6. Sid Ganji

    I could see your feet throughout the whole fight behind your truck, if I wanted to I wouldÔÇÖve shot them. In the video provided you can clearly hear me put basically all of my shots upon the front wheels, meaning you wouldÔÇÖve been prevented from driving back up the hill. In itself, IÔÇÖm allowed to shoot the wheels of your vehicle to disable it from moving without initiating, itÔÇÖs the fact that you decided to shoot back at me which is why we shot you. Before I pushed up to re engage on you before you shot at me, Sam had multiple opportunities to shoot and kill you, however he only did so when you open fired which can be clearly seen from the video you provided. If IÔÇÖm required to comp I will do, however IÔÇÖll be at a loss as to what the rules are and how theyÔÇÖre interpreted, as you clearly returned fire on me after I started disabling your tires, meaning that the one way initiation was removed allowing us to shoot you.
  7. Sid Ganji

    Like I said, I didn't record this situation as I didn't think it would ever go to a report. I don't understand why I'm having to provide a video of my innocence, when you can clearly see and hear that his teammates isn't speaking to him anyway. On top of that, he also shoots at us after I attempt to disable the tires, meaning that we can kill him.
  8. Sid Ganji

    The first time you asked, I clearly stated that I would come to ts after I had finished fighting the whole police force. I don't know why that was said, however I would've preferred if you listened to what I said firstly as I was the one directly involved.
  9. Sid Ganji

    I stated that on my previous reply, his friend did comply however we left him with his comms and told him to tell the individual who pulled the hemtt up and got out without a gun, to raise his hands or he would be shot. Like I said, I didn't know if his teammate would tell him this information, that's why I started disabling his tires. He then fired back, which is when Sam opened fire and eventually killed him. We clearly stated our demands, however his friend obviously failed to tell him this information which is not our fault. Also, like mentioned multiple times he fired upon us meaning that we shot to kill.
  10. Sid Ganji

    First of all, if you're friend didn't go silent over comms he would've told you that you had been initiated on by our gang and that he had been told to tell you to drop the gun and raise his hands or you would've been shot. Even though we gave him sufficient time to do so, I still didn't want to kill you straight away as we were unsure if your friend would've relayed the information. Due to this, as you can see from the video I started to disable the hemtts tires to prevent you from driving away (one of the shots hit you which was not intended). After this you then proceeded to fire back at us, causing Sam to shoot you from your right and eventually kill you. Had your friend respond to your questions about initiation, you would've understood what was happening in the situation, however that is down to you not us. I was willing to come to ts, however we were involved in a fight with the police which lasted over a long period of time. On a side note, I would provide evidence from my POV however I had no idea this situation would be taken to the forums, as at the time I saw nothing wrong with what we did therefore I did not record. If an admin deems this necessary to provide comp, I will be more than happy to do so, however I can't see why that will be needed as you clearly fired upon us.

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