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  1. BaloonBuns

    And his Hemmt Full of Pot..... Well his friends Hemmt
  2. BaloonBuns

    Correction, I told you to fuck off. Someone who didn't actually shoot you, or is someone who your reporting. From my point of view I was being spammed in side to get on TS and to Comp someone despite being in a tense ongoing situation where I was being chased by both cops and rebels. From my gangs point of view as well they had told me that they had initiated properly and nothing had gone wrong, so I believed them and told you to report it if you believe necessary. I mean In your video we can't hear your friends voice either so I'm not sure if he relayed to you that my gang had told you to put his hands up etc. Also Adam, you were on the cop force at the time, can you explain how you ended up finding our gang member who had kidnapped his friend to begin with, because my gang member Roll Safe who took him away believes that the may have called the cops, which if so would be FailRP due to me siezing his comms. If that is not the case though, please inform me
  3. BaloonBuns

    My dude your link sends you to "22 Viral Life Hacks That Will Knock Your Socks Off", just saying I have nothing to do with this. But best to fix the link before an admin tells you to, to get this process done quicker
  4. BaloonBuns

    We did not know you weren't involved, we thought maybe you were scouting as you had no weapon out and we were unsure whether to shoot you or not. The second you took your gun out and rushed the hill you made your self look exactly like the gang we were fighting as they had just done the exact the same moments ago, trying to hold Roll Safe up before I shot them from down the hill. I don't see how your still defending that the gun fight was over either when Roll Safe dies after you die due to the snipers finally getting him. If you have the full video upload it. Yes maybe you couldn't hear shots as they weren't aimed at you but they were pinging silenced shots the entire time at Roll Safe which (Garbo who I believe was the group we were fighting) can admit to as they were like 1.2k away or some crap sniping him and finally downed him afterwards. This was your own fault from what looks like to me your own stupid actions as you decided to make your self seem like a threat and then rush someone being sniped. I'd like to point out I never even paid attention to chat after so whether or not an admin talked to me in chat about it I wouldn't know because the second you claimed "rdm", I knew for a fact that in our eyes we did nothing wrong, and what led to your death was you doing poor RP and not valuing your own life by exiting a firefight you weren't involved in but instead painting yourself as a target.
  5. BaloonBuns

    Just saying I know im not part of this but your video link doesn't seem to work. Not sure if you took it down or is it bugged? Edit: Nvm it works now, strange, gl with report
  6. BaloonBuns

    Yes, you may have not been involved but there is no way for us to be sure about that especially in the way you were acting. You survived this entire encounter up to where you were killed due to you not having a gun out, at multiple times Roll Safe said in "comms I see a guy but I don't know if he is with them, i'm being shot from over there though" etc. Despite this he didn't shoot you until you made a move just like the people in the gunfight against us would and you pulled your gun off your back and ran straight at him. To him this looked like you were with them and just had been waiting for the right moment to fight. If the admin deems so we can comp him for his gear, but to be honest I don't believe its necessary in this situation considering I believe the outcome of this was the result of RWB's own silly actions.
  7. BaloonBuns

    Can you please explain how this is RDM? We were in active gunfight and you knew that hence why you were hiding. Roll safe had seen you for a long time and did not shoot you as you did not have your gun out, but you being stupid decide to take a gun out and wonder why you get shot after rushing Roll-safe who is being shot by multiple snipers. Come on lets not be dumb here and call random people out because you died from your own stupid actions. Waiting for the situation to be clear is also a complete lie as Roll Safe and Jay were downed after killing you due to the gunfight still happening. Next time I suggest you not be stupid and actually run away from a gunfight instead of charging one of the shooters after taking your gun out. Also please show proof of you asking to go in TS. Only thing you said in side chat was something like "Nice" and "you rdmed me".
  8. BaloonBuns

    In-game name: Baloon Buns Name of the player(s) you are reporting: No U Buck and No U Llama Date of the incident: 07/11/2018 Time of the incident: 1:20am What rule do you believe was broken: FailRP RDM Any evidence available: Two videos, video of them attempting to rdm me the first time - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78VrJDmgl6k&feature=youtu.be And video of me dead talking about it I forgot to capture part i was actually shot but they apparently have it all recorded so we can see from their perspective - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjjogIMdnfk&feature=youtu.be Describe the incident: Driving back from gold trader and I look around in my SUV and see a hatch back following me, that's where the video starts and you literally hear me exclaim to myself (quite quietly though i do say it) something along the lines of "wtf does this hatchback want", they continue to follow me and then I realise the probably want to hold me up or some crap. I then continue to evade them in my car waiting for an initiation besides them just randomly honking at my ass, as I juke them and start to drive down kavala they attempt to RDM as they spray pistols into my car actually hitting me. From then on I literally speed off down the highway, dodge and incoming car after passing the gas station but manage to recover and carry on driving before they finally manage to hit me in the head and kill me while driving. I talked to the individuals and they apparently told me to stop multiple times which to be honest I did not hear once. I get maybe they were asking me to stop but I believe this is failrp and fail initiation as both me and them are in cars speeding at some points making the game really loud, I also even have volume at 10% (to reduce engine noise and increase VOIP) and yet i still don't hear them in the first clip before they start spraying into my car almost killing me. Their defence was that they told me to stop multiple times yet I did not hear them as we were in cars and also the fact that because I was evading them and because they shot me and I carried on driving I knew what they were doing so it was initiation. In the end they did not kill me but took my MXSW and despite me asking them to come in ts both in the video and in side chat afterwards they refused and said their footage can prove otherwise so I would like to see said initiation. Either way I believe the first video itself shows their attempt rdm on me and their lack of RP and understanding of the rules. They also gave me a bit of attitude despite me explaining the situation and that I could not hear them and that their RP was lacking but either way. In the end of the video he even says he would hop in TS yet he did not. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  9. BaloonBuns

    In-game name: Baloon Buns Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Don Koka and Mando Koka Date of the incident: 06/26/2018 Time of the incident: 4 AM What rule do you believe was broken: RDM - well it was attempted FailRP - I mean there was no RP Any evidence available: video of incident (which only shows the name of one of them who fired at us) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukohYyV4QIs&feature=youtu.be Picture of his friend being killed by my gang member right after - https://gyazo.com/840d5c95b233dae7ceec739945ca3377 I Apologise for any ramblings in our videos and/or the stupid shit my gang members said, as-well as our singing :P It was 4AM for us and well yeah :) Describe the incident: Me and a few members of my gang were doing a late night/morning gem run and decided to help some new players to the server do it as well. All of us went to Quarry and started to fill our trucks, about 10 minutes before the incident the two players who shoot us in this incident came over and just walked around and stuff and we tried to talk to them and ask if they wanted to join, they didn't seem to speak very good English and ended up driving off. The entire time one of them had a pistol out and we thought he was gonna try rob us, which would be dumb considering how many of us there were with guns, his friend however didn't have a gun. The two players then drove off and all of us continued filling our trucks, presumably the two players went to get the one without a gun and then came back and the video shows the incident from there. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  10. BaloonBuns

    In-game name: Baloon Buns Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Gwheeler Date of the incident: 06/24/2018 Time of the incident: 1:20 What rule do you believe was broken: RDM FailRP Any evidence available: 2 videos, 1 video showing how I ended up on the floor i.e. the crash - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0dS5BrMaM4 and the video of the RDM - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzY3bfb-ehI&feature=youtu.be Sorry for any random ramblings in the videos :) Describe the incident: I was driving out of Kavala and was vdmed by some random dude in a car which in my eyes looks kinda intentional. Don't really care about that player, but anyway. I'm on the floor waiting for a medic and some guys approach us car crash victims and start looting out stuff. I say "Can you not take my stuff" or something along those lines. He then says "I will take it and won't give it back unless you ask nicely" I respond with "I don't know about that one", in which he then shoots me on the floor. Lost my nicely kitted Rook, kinda feeling sad about that, don't even have proof of it, I mean i literally spawned in and bang, Gone! Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  11. BaloonBuns

    Yeah too be honest, I kinda realised after posting this nothing will probably come of it, due to lack of evidence. But at-least it can act as a deterrent for you guys killing me next time in some firing squad for some montage or whatever it was for . Making sure to record more next time, also I just wanted to know if I was comped or not, I mean it doesn't really matter, but I wasn't even sure if I was. One of you said you would comp me but I can't remember any wire transfers etc. But that may be my mistake. Who knows. Admin can probably Lock the post now etc
  12. BaloonBuns

    Yeah, you know what I'm gonna stop replying because your clearly trolling. You haven't read a damn thing on this post yet you respond again and again. If you had read the initial post, I clearly stated my video is only 45 seconds long due to my Shadowplay settings and I DO NOT HAVE the initial encounter. I mean I also backed up the point saying, yes you probably wont get punished for this, but its at-least a way to get your group to realise people will be recording properly from now on, and the shit your pulling isn't exactly fun for anyone besides you. I don't even know why now you guys are saying that you were in the right, when ONE of you literally said you were in the wrong after the encounter and did say in side chat - which logs could prove if available, upon asking for my name said they would COMP me in side chat. Either way your probably going unpunished for your blatant rule breaks, but sadly I screwed up and don't have enough evidence. Just please for your sake, stop fabricating lies about the encounter, which seriously the way your putting it couldn't have happened at all. I find it semi-rude to even think people would believe what your saying happened in this encounter actually happened as your seriously betting on people being clueless. Once AGAIN, I did not fire at you, I did comply to your orders (which can also be seen quite briefly in the video with me saying "I forgot to take off my hat/NVG" as I was handcuffed before I could do so. The way your putting the situation saying that I SHOT at you while standing in the middle of nowhere, with absolutely no cover (and a broken leg) and was not instantly killed on the spot like those others that retaliated, but instead then went on to stop shooting you, put my hands up, drop my equipment and allow you to kill me. Give me a break.
  13. BaloonBuns

    Alright your probably not gonna be punished now but can you guys stop with the blatant lies. Did you read a word of what I just put? I myself didn't fire a single bullet, or even take my gun off my back besides when the visual bug happened on my screen where it puts the gun in the air, while i still had my hands up, which i'm not even sure you guys saw because it may have been client sided. This complete and utter nonsense of me not complying with your initiation and trying to shoot you is the most fabricated pile of crap ive ever heard. I literally put an entire paragraph explaining how I was standing out in the open, with a broken leg, with my hands up from the second the initiation started due to one of your trigger happy team. The possibility of me even attempting to shoot you guys in the position I was in especially considering I was literally surrounded and a guy in the tower in-front of me literally could kill me at anytime, just proves the amount of crap you lot are talking. If I had really fired back or at you why was I not killed on the spot upon doing so? WHY was I still with my hands up? WHY did I end up dropping my gear and complying with every other demand you made? Because I complied from the very start. Stopping lying now when one of your friends already admitted to his mistake yesterday by saying he was gonna comp me. I can't actually believe you said I tried to shoot you considering all the others who even took there guns off their back, or even attempted to fight back died instantly, but somehow me in the middle of no cover, with a broken leg, attempted to shoot you and not comply with commands, but ended up not being killed on the spot? Seriously at-least make your lies some what believable because what I just read is an utter joke. EDIT: Yes, my team may have fired back and were swiftly put down. But I in a ROLEPLAY situation had literally zero link to them at all, the only possible way for you guys to know I was with them is by meta-gaming and looking at my organisation above my head. The rebel outpost can be frequented by literally anyone, so just by assuming that me and them are in the same group just for being there at the same time, especially considering you lot were there with my team before I even got there shows you had no reasonable connection besides meta-gaming to link me to the group. I mean I literally stated in RP "I HAVE MY HANDS UP, DO NOT SHOOT, I AM NOT WITH THESE PEOPLE" multiple times and yet you some how make this unfathomable link between two separate groups?
  14. BaloonBuns

    I mean either way I don't really care that much now. Just can you lot make sure you don't do stuff like that again, I mean this time my evidence isn't probably sufficient in prompting anything anyway. But from now on ill record longer just in case stuff like this happens again. Tbh it was the attitude of some of your groups members as well after the situation which made me post this as it was just plain childish, later on when we were killing other people in fights one of you kept saying something along the lines of "LOL, KILLED BY CHEDDAR LEGS" acting like your some god group that decimated us, when in fact you won a 2v8+ or however many of your group were there, which you know probably is the reasonable outcome in a fight with such numbers difference. I mean sure trash talk people who trash talk you to begin with or are toxic to you, but when you literally win a fight like that and then rubbing it in just makes you guys seem toxic and unreasonable in my eyes.
  15. BaloonBuns

    Excuse me but when did I try and kill you? The entire time I had my hands up and at one point, my hands did go down yes but that was due to a visual bug (which i stated during the incident) and immediately fixed . I don't see the point in changing the story now when one of you literally said they would comp me because you were in the wrong. I mean sure you were initiated with my gang, but as stated in a role-play situation I had literally no connection to them at all. I arrived in a different car, had completely different clothes, didn't converse with them in a way that made me connect with them and/or at all. Sorry I also don't know what DMT is I mean the entire time I literally had my hands up, so I'm not sure what incident your referring to with me attempting to kill you either? I mean surely your now making stuff up considering, I was out in the open, with a broken leg the second the initiation started as one of your trigger happy friends kindly shot me in the leg before I could even respond to putting my hands up, I mean I was literally free game to every single one of your team as I was standing in the middle of the heli pad surroundings injured, so if I had attempted to fire at you/kill you I would have surely been shot on the spot? Instead of allowing me to put my hands up and then finishing it from there. To me this is a blatant lie in which your trying to justify something that someone had already taken fault for yet, I'm not sure if they actually acted out on said 'resolving of the incident'. Hence why i'm bringing this up, as I also believe this is your way, like most established rich people on the server of breaking rules and then using Comp as a bribe to negate the situation, instead of playing how the rules state, because you believe that now you have money, rules don't apply to you like the rest because you have a backup.

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