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  1. The End

    Is really funny and give nice adrenaline cuze the risk to blow up is high ahahaha
  2. The End

    It's just for the fun of flying and having the possibility to put at least something inside but is not a real way to make money out
  3. The End

    Hello guys, i was up to do a caesar BTT thorium RUN but there is not one at shop, is a problem to put a thorium Caesar BTT inside? Thank you so much for reading ❤️ And sorry if i create too much topic here but much i play, much i enjoy this server and much ideas comes in to my brain ❤️ Great job with all you have made is everything awesome ❤️ i create new topics like this also to have some nice chat with you about ideas ❤️
  4. The End

    I know is already full of really nice runs, what do you think about putting also the possibility to eat, and deal turtles? and make some soup out at some processor? Also an hunting spot would be really fantastic where you are able to hunt ships, dogs, bunny, chickens... and sell it at kavala market
  5. The End

    the fact it create kind of traffic moving somebody is truth, everything you do in the server is traffic in terms of bytes... But on the fact moving a restrained guy is always possible, how it really will go to create too much traffic on the server for the downed players? it will ofc create traffic but might create some kind of critical traffic just if the server save the status of the downed person and will have to continuosly save it meawhile you will move it around...... The idea as i said it's great but thinking about it might really create kind of bad traffic on the server.... we are always talking about ARMA 3 netcode... which is not the best on the planet.... Thinking more about this suggestions and his problems, why against let it being litterally moved around as a cuffed person we don't let the doctors put them inside their vehi? and take them out at the hospital to let's them start to walk again? But i think as a Developer and i say to my self, is it worth working on it when there are so many things to do? to implement and fix things? Let's think also about it guys... But watching a doctor which has to pick you up from the spot where you got knocked out , to bring you in the nearest hospital to let you be able to walk around again will be another kind of rp experience against being directly ready to walk on the spot.... If we watch it from this point of the view it really increment multiple times the Server Roleplay Experience... giving a taste of reality... But OFC if we gonna lose more fps just for this thing or we gonna have more desync problems.... is not worthy
  6. This Suggestion is coming out because i've seen so much crowded fights and i was part also of so many fights where there was people coming inside from everywhere to troll or to just see what was going on or to try to take a part in the fight..... and i saw so many people dying involved in a fight because they didn't knew if they was able to shoot or not to an enemy which showed up just some minute later.... also so many people dying just cuze was in the wrong spot at the wrong moment.... We should know always if we can shoot or not to that person and if that person is able to shoot us or not..... How can we implement it without totaly removing the secret identity of someone? I suggest the gang tags and the range finder, where you'll be able to rangefind JUST THE tag of the person you are pointing with it and not the name, which will remain still a mistery..... but at least we need something will let us understand those people are all potential killers or people to kill cuze involved in the fight.... I was thinking also about clothing where people should wheare the same clothing but might be also troller there or people which will have unfortunatly the same cloth on cuze arma 3 don't give us that much variety.... i was also thinking about different skin for different gangs but it was going to make the devs too much busy and is not wise to do it cuze there is so much to work on.... i was also thinking about XML squads but i don't know if the server can handle it... i had once but i was taking 20 minute to log inside for just a logo on my shirt.... so the TAG on my opinion is the fastest, and easier way to implement this kind of ordering in the fight which are actually totally disordered and hard to handle without RDMing an innocent.. What do you think about it?
  7. The End

    I like it
  8. The End

    You know it was going to make some kind of nice changes if they was going to lower the trunk capacity of the actually Helicopters, then putting on a SlingLoad Perk and putting this create you are talking about with the hemmet box trunk capacity, it will of sure be more tricky to carry around and will be more spottable by attackers... but to do this kind of change they will have to make so many changes.... actually as i said is a good idea, make stuff closer to reality but you don't have to forget if it was the real world the Huron, the Mohawk and the Taru transport was actually able to carry stuffo for a trunk capacity closer to 300 in game terms..... But i think the Devs structured all how it is now for a balancing and don't let people just easly fly around with too much money... which on my opinion is a good idea cuze if becomes too much easy make money people will get easly bored about the server..... So as final i'm in according with create stuff but if it happen lower down the actual trunk capacity of the Heli cuze otherwise will result too OP flying around with 2 huge trunks.... I'm also definitly in according with the sling load perk because there are some kind of ship wrecks which are pretty impossible to reach with a SDV.... so or sling load perk activated or more piers from all the sides of the map from where we can take out our SDVs....
  9. The End

    Actually it was a nice idea if the server had different type of trunk capacity but they made it with a really nice Trunk Capacity so i think they removed the sling load from the server because it cause desync pick where your create or everything you are carrying will desync and blow up stuff randomly, it is still fixable by a couple of scripts but it's way easier to don't have it and let the Heli have a nice trunk capacity as it is here.... because at least of you see at a Mohawk or a Huron are pretty Big and can have the trunk the devs gave to them without any problem....
  10. The End

    In-game name: RickestRick Name of the player(s) you are reporting: 58657 Date of the incident: 07/10/2018 Time of the incident: 00:00 What rule do you believe was broken: VDM and Metagaming by referring to me by saying the name of my gang Any evidence available: https://youtu.be/ILK6veUCRiE Describe the incident: Basicly this guy was just keep free insulting me for no reason and keep harassing me by forcing me to play the VDM animation and trying to let me fly outside the greenzone so i was able to die and lose my stuff... Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  11. The End

    In-game Name: RickestRick Steam ID: 76561198275449184 Date of the incident: 07/10/2018 Time of the incident: 23:30 Link to player report: None Lost Items and Estimated Value: 27 pices of purified weed sellable at 6k £ when i was up to sell it, a Spar16, with 10 mags, Silencer and Arco optic, and a 1911 .45 pistol with 5 mags.... For the weed might be 162k £ and for the Gear must be something like 100k for a total of 262k £ Please provide as much detail as possible: I was near Athira up to stop at the Drug Dealer there when a Quad bike made a HUGE desync Ramming on me.... I don't think this guy made it on purpose... but it was something like a connection stop by him or a server issue... Any Evidence Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZE_7r26AG-k
  12. The End

    I was up to sell my pure weed after 60 minute of run then a Jenius show up with a Quad and he desync rammed me.... And another guy show up to stole my stuff.... I lost a Spar16 with 10 mags, Silencer, Arco optic and my 27 Purified weed which i was up to sell without anyproblem at 6K £ each..... I hope you will understand this was or a server problem or a client problem by the Quad guy.... T_T Have a nice day
  13. The End

    Your hand was that much shaking to let me trow up trying to watch it ahahhahaahha
  14. The End

    Oh ok it's all right i KeyBinded it with cuzto KeyBoard Software
  15. The End

    Hello i'm here to talk about the SHIFT+NumpadNumber, on my opinion is a little tricky and i was up to Customize it to F1,F2,F3 but i don't know if it's possible or is something attached to the PBO Arma File.... i was wondering that's more possible it's attached to the PBO files and Users can't do that much..... So if anybody knows how to do it i'll invite to explain me how here otherwise i'll have to just put these KeyBinding in the software of my keyboard for custom Commands i've a nice GTX285 but for those who don't has a custom mechanic keyboard will result a bit tricky I w8 for answares and cheers to everyone ❤️

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