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  1. Updated 2017-08-23 All officers are expected to follow this with immediate effect
  2. impound lot is not marked on the map kind of hard for people to find where their cars go when they get impounded.
  3. More like when you forget to drink and happen to be drivning a police van. KARMA !
  4. seems like another great roleplay gang.
  5. @Hoggie hahaha lulz I'm Swedish that explains everything Arma 2 great game hehehe
  6. - Witcher 3 depends if you like to play alone - PUGB Great game (if you have friends) - Six siege fun for a bit until you realize you get shot through walls 90%of the time - Borderlands series dunno - Metro series dunno
  7. on behalf of the police force we are looking forward to see you expelent roleplay lulz
  8. I think you have missed the part in your application template that has to do with roleplay. For example: Provide a video that shows you roleplaying skills Looking forward to get shot by you guys and maybe just maybe i can get a word or two out of you guys..... Good luck
  9. +1
  10. Is there any plan to do something with the new laws of war dlc ?

    Make a humanitarian faction? Help people do legal things.

    and there is lots of stuff  that could be used my medics aswell.


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    2. Scott McTavish

      Scott McTavish

      They are under civilians :)

    3. James Grimm

      James Grimm

      just me being stupid as allways then 

    4. Hoggie


      looks like a pretty dead dlc tbh

  11. yes +1
  12. Just like yesterday hahahhah Initiations and RP on point...
  13. I have spoken to the players involved and it seems to be a honest misstake. But for the record this happens on a daily basis and is starting to get very old.
  14. @Pricey If you read my report and to be clear you both shot and killed first

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