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  1. Okay, Still not a fan of it lulz
  2. -1 would make the in-game UI cluttered. There is a reason for the Arma III UI being so clean
  3. You get pulled over.... You provide an RP story about thorium being brought to Tanoa. Why? Because I am a scientist, I have got a mask therefor I am a scientist. You are tilling my officers that you need to transport a truck full of thorium to a foreign part of the world and there is no documentation on this what so ever. ( I am n0t saying you need an actual document but you will have to do a little better than "I am a scientist" There for I can do whatever I want. The officer then wants to conduct a search of the vehicle in order to do so in a safe manner he wants you to get out and you then drive away. If you were going to have a look in a truck I am pretty certain that you would not like a stranger in the driver seat being able to drive away with you inside at any point. And the whole they refuse my RP. When you think they are doing this they continued by asking you questions that is kind of the fundamental way to keep a conversation alive. These are my thoughts and may not be exactly the same as other members of the police.
  4. Is this guy James bond? 


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    2. James Grimm

      James Grimm

      You must be lagging like shit big man

    3. Echo


      how do u think i feel i shot the kid in the head 4x and he doesn't even die from it. https://gyazo.com/228bbc9b2f4b754f03c4713b54b76bbb

    4. PaulS


      Ah so this was to do with this <19:30:38> "Echo": pls sort server lag its so <inappropriate3> https://gyazo.com/228bbc9b2f4b754f03c4713b54b76bbb

  5. +1
  6. Arma for you :x

  7. @Scott McTavish I really like it so a +1 for me. Give me an office
  8. Do not leave your car left right and center. Take care of it and it won't get impounded
  9. +1 I'm always up for testing. sure looks cool
  10. Updated 2017-10-04 Clarification added. Since of updated version Deputy commissioner Grim is added.
  11. +1 Would make it a lot more interesting. And would make AAA be able to go out and refuel as well.
  12. .
  13. Don't think this post is specifically about my hm.
  14. Nope doesn't work Ill make Athira into a HM ?!?!?!
  15. Updated 2017-08-27 No longer in use. Contact Police command for more information Police still need CC+ permission to enter within 500m of their territory (as stated in the handbook)

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