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  1. Wats the point can sell them at the dealer place for a mill
  2. Item(s): 3x Mk200s & Mk200 Mag Proof of ownership: Buy now price: 2Million per bundle & 700k for the mag Starting bid: 1.2Million & 400k For the mag Minimum bid increment: 50k End date: When I am happy with bids. I just want them sold
  3. Declined, Sorry
  4. Turn away from the flashbangs.
  5. Well there are restrictions on them, First of all a maximum at 2 can be carried at any given time and only DCC+ can get them.
  6. So they should be able to by cyrus and mar10s aswell? and give Police Mk200s since they civs can craft them? No In my opinion items like this are rare and makes for a good wow factor when you get.
  7. Would have to be a modded server in order to make in a good way.
  8. @noms already tweaked this. He can provide more detail. Or just wait for the update. And
  9. This is already on trello, give us suggestions on vehicles you would like to see craftable
  10. Better late than never. For next update, just some testing left.
  11. Sorry yes... I blame iPhone autocorrect Crap.
  12. This isn’t already on trello.
  13. Made a little something for next update. Don't expect it to be revolutionary.
  14. Waffle working on a little something like this.
  15. Accpeted I've never understood the button placement anyway. Might just move the button. ill move it to the other side of that looks crap I’ll add an extra menu.

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