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  1. James Grimm

    Ok, This is ready for testing. We will try it just for the message menu for now. If people are happy with it I don't mind adding it to other places for example ATM. How it works: You type a word or a character for example "James" Then all players with "James" in their name will come up for example "James Grimm" or "Jamesssss" or "Grimm James" It doesn't matter if what you filter for is the beginning of the name or not. The downside to this is if you filter for "J" the following may come up "James Grimm" or "Sven Jonsson" or "Alejandro" all since they have a J in them. Hope the above makes sense.
  2. James Grimm

    I will look into this tonight. Fun little project.
  3. James Grimm

    Could be made so that you need your lights on. East for police to find your house then.
  4. James Grimm

    I like the idea a lot. But there are a few problems. Pros: It's a very cool and interesting feature Something more than just windows key. Cons: More items in the world mean more lag. if you want items to "Grow" in them your options are Very limited. and it would not be a perfect system. All in all, I like this and its something I would enjoy scripting but it's not up to me if the Pros outweigh the cons
  5. James Grimm

    This is on trello. Kind of a pain to fix tho, we will get around to it eventually.
  6. James Grimm

  7. James Grimm

    I like the Idea, will implement this when Im dun with my with my current project. in other words, accepted unless declined by someone else. Did not want it to be so in your face so the semi-transparent one is a car that is not yours
  8. James Grimm

    -1 I think the red zones we have are more than enough.
  9. James Grimm

    I like this would make ranks more useful I like it.
  10. James Grimm

    Simple system added. No need to make it to advanced due to the pathetic alcohol consumption on this island.
  11. James Grimm

    The first suggestion is to have a button in our mobile system that we can answer the people who need AAA help, to tell them we are coming to help them. Isn't there a "reply" button? Or do you mean an automatic message sent via a button click?
  12. James Grimm

    I've got a better idea. If you drink too many you get stuck in ragdoll. Doesn't that sound fun?
  13. This is a weird one. I think its annoying when you open your clock everytime you change sound. So instead of just droping your watch i was thinking about over engineering this immense issue and make a check box option to spawn with it or now. Have i got any support?

    1. Paul D

      Paul D

      it's a small but annoying issue, but if you've put the work in then why not add it. +1

    2. James Grimm

      James Grimm

      Not made anything yet @Paul D. Don't want to make a feature for myself and no one else to use. Want to know if this is something people want so I don't waste my time 

    3. Slice


      I'm just simply annoyed by the fact that when I press "O" my volume changes, if I really want my volume changed I'll make an effort into doing so, I really really preferred the old system of CTRL + O

  14. James Grimm

    Very similar but I must say I like the floating solar panels.
  15. James Grimm

    This has already been completed. AAA can give parking tickets

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