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  1. Allright to put an end to this. From Friday (19-01-2018) on onwards police are only permitted to crush Sports hatchback+ if it's in a blue zone. So Go-carts Quads SUV Hatchbacks (Normal) May be crushed if need be outside of BZ but anything other than that may only be crushed in the blue zone.
  2. I agree with you Fuel anything worth over say 100k sure otherwise people would be driving back to stations in unmarked cars left right a center. That would lead to confusion. This will be discussed at police board meeting tonight and I will get back with a final response.
  3. Happy new year and especially to all serveing cops. Thanks and enjoy the new year.

  4. happy newyears 2018 we hope for a year with less than 200000 police deaths and some more roleplay. Jokes aside a police deaths counter would be interesting for next year. A werry happy new year to all of you.
  5. In-game Name: James Grimm Steam ID: 76561198055910873 Date of the incident: 12/28/2017 Time of the incident: 14:55 ish Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: 124 Aluminium plates. (Dont care about the value i need the plates) Please provide as much detail as possible: I retrived my truck at my garage at my house and was about to deposit my aleminium plates (Not at all to be used for guns) and my wheels went out and then my truck randomly exploded. Any Evidence Available: Message me and ill PM dont want to get my house location known ;)
  6. SOLD! Thread closed
  7. @Grim Reaper 1mill bid @Abdul Your banned
  8. Positioned perfectly on Altis most exceptional street only steps away from the world famous Kavala square. Laid out over two floors, if you're desiring a generous entertaining space or a sanctuary within the city this property lends itself perfectly. Additionally, the property could be converted into a two bedroom house with some minor alterations with the current full sized workshop. Stepping through the door, you are taken to a world away from the hustle and bustle of central Kavala. The apartment is fully interior-designed by James Grimm to a very high specification with a turn-key finish to include wide plank timber ceiling, bespoke joinery housing kitchen unit, air cooling and lift. Please note that no furniture will provided and is just there to inform you of the possibilities The magnificent house is also equipped with two balconies with a view over central Kavala and the second one if a little more privacy is prefered overlooking a outstanding back garden encased in a beautiful fence. This makes for a unbelievable privacy even though it's just steps away from the charming mayhem of Kavala center. Full disclaimer the house does not come with furniture and is just there for a buyer to see the full potential Bidding ends on the 24th of December Minimum Bid 900 000 Minimum Bid increasement 50 000 Buy now N/A Full disclaimer the house does not come with furniture and is just there for a buyer to see the full potential Kind ragards,
  9. Unfortunately, No mods will be allowed due to the fact that it changes in-game textures and may be used as an advantage in-game. Alto a little something will be added closer to crimbo,
  10. would be cool since its client-side everyone won't have to download it anyway. I like it! Doubt it will get accepted tho as Sanik said.
  11. I very much like the idea but make it so that you can buy gas from example the garage but for very expensive. Just to avoid the problem of there being no fule at all. If possible make it would be great if the first 5 tanks where free to help new people.
  12. Good luck you hobos
  13. 1 mill
  14. +1 this is logical

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