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  1. RIP too much spam

    1. Bobby Shmurda

      Bobby Shmurda

      RIP spam ban turn to community ban.


    2. Fuel


      no spam ban has nothing to do with his community ban

    3. Bobby Shmurda

      Bobby Shmurda

       he went on someone youtube video and called them a dribble. Thats like me going on facebook and calling someone a <inappropriate1> and getting banned on reborn for it? lmao

  2. help plz delete, uno keyboard glitcherino
  3. My Keyboard glitched^

  5. We have been waiting a while boys, but is is finally here.


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Fury


      this gives me cancer.

    3. Ryno



    4. Fabrizio R. R. Hernandez

      Fabrizio R. R. Hernandez

      Seems like you get in trouble wherever you go :D

      Considered changing playstyle? :D

  6. wow thats groovy dude, totally rad. You got so much air my McPoliskDoodlidolski
  7. Good luck
  8. In game name: Smally Age: 16 Hours: 3446 Previous Gangs: Vertigo Have you been ban before (if so list):? No sir. Drug/Rebel Licences:? All of them Strength:? Roleplay and direct communication. I can also move my crosshair and left click. Weakness:? none Why we should recruit you:? Bot lad
  9. 1txjs2.jpg.afa2857d16d3c51ae3b619ee595d409e.jpg

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. _Abdul


      thats some dodgy sense of humor?????

    3. Thesoldier


      I was sad to see the church go

    4. Smally




  10. Boys and girls, the church recently got some donations thanks to @_Abdul 


    1. _Abdul


      Amen Preacher Smally!

  11. Q4iF8HR.png

  12. @Stevenn Come back my 22 Young Driller.

    1. Thesoldier


      He's in timeout still

    2. Smally


      Gosh darn it.

  13. Abdul where did the red things go?

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