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  1. Ik, but it’s a ghost town Pyrgos.
  2. I know, I re-read and realized I missed a couple..... o-o
  3. Hello! I'm Hybrid with the newly-founded Kavala Broadcasting Network, based in Altis of Reborn Roleplay! Here be our first issue, these newspapers will come out weekly, not at a specific time though... Vol 1 Issue 1. Sincerely, Journalist Hybrid Kavala Broadcasting Network LLC, Kavala, Altis, United Kingdom.
  4. Well, I was fuckin around in me hummingbird looking for something to do, saw many other air vehicles, and I'm gonna be honest, Air Traffic is unregulated as hell, and its quite high (then again there's NPAS and BAF, and the roads aren't even regulated but...) I was thinking, maybe it wouldn't be a horrible idea... It could be a civilian job, or a branch of the Police or Blackwater... The roads are slightly regulated through Police, why not have Air Traffic controlled and regulated to a certain extent... I mean, barely anybody would be online to do it, because when people look at a job like that, they say; "Eh, Robbing and Drug Running is more profitable." Then again, an idea. Maybe add a RADAR system for the ATC's, And the ability to take off a transponder on an air vehicle for stealth reasons, or drug running reasons... And the ability to quickly text people in the air... But it would probably take too much effort then the devs want... And be a bit too unbalanced, being able to see air traffic, and radioing it in to a gang member giving locations.. But it could also be used by Police and Blackwater to track down unauthorized aviation. Anyway, sorry to bother... Just a thought.
  5. Hybrid

    Happy Pi Day! :)

    In Honor of Pi Day, (if you say its a day late ima be upset.) I have dedicated this post to our very own pi. "3.14 Negotiator Violations You are not permitted to take unarmed Police negotiators hostage or kill them in any situation, but if they are armed (including taser) they are not a negotiator. You are not permitted to rob the Unarmed Police Negotiator you can search him to confirm he is unarmed, but you are not to touch his vehicle." We love our Pi, and our rules :)<
  6. +1 Would give the mayor more of a purpose, and actually make them stand out from the other civs.
  7. Well.... Tonight, i just found out for the past eight months ive been lied to. My girlfriend says she thought she loved me. But she just told me that she isnt sure. We broke up. I loved her with all my heart, and I found out that she didn't love me. Ive been being used. She was only with me because she didnt want to feel alone, and because of her sexual lust. I have nobody left to care, nobody that I trust, nobody that's truly there for me. To be quite honest... I've learned that people, are not to be trusted. People suck. Screw humans. How should i feel...?
  8. Hybrid

    Arma 3 & DLC's

    Almost all of the Arma 3 DLC's as well as arma 3 itself are under at most £20! I finally got Apex :D< It lasts about 1 day and 13 hours.... approx. from the time of this post.
  9. In-game name: Frato (On the Behalf of) Steam ID: 76561198329519784 Date of ban: 09/29/18 Reason for ban: DDOS Threats Staff member that banned you: Tom Skyline Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Nope Why should we unban you? Because I messed up hard and I really want to play on this server again. I am reformed and will never do anything like this again. I really miss this server and want to come back, and have fun with some old friends.
  10. Legends never die... even tho it was never a Legend... ? Anyway, Glad that you're keeping the good name m8!
  11. I hereby appoint @L. Honore [AT727]all copyright material n' shit like that of Free Altis News.
  12. For the record.. I still look at the forums, every other day... Don't make page three a naked model..... please ;-;
  13. Bye all my good friends! "May your road lead to warm sands." Its been a pleasure.

    1. Strudel


      ?Goodbye, my friend.

    2. L.Honore [AlphaTango727]

      L.Honore [AlphaTango727]

      Hybrid nooooooooooo! ?

    3. Jonny Blitz

      Jonny Blitz

      I actually miss ya already hybrid XD

  14. Feelings mutual m8 You're always welcome home.
  15. Hybrid

    Pink orca skin

    Frinkle, you have a very interesting taste in your orca colors.. +1
  16. That's what I call a pretty hobo capture...
  17. -Age: 15 -In Game Name: Hybrid -How Many Hours on Arma 3?: 500+ Hours on this acct, over 600+ on another. -Bank Account (With Evidence): 6.5 Million Pounds -How long have you been on this server?: 6 Months +? -Previous Gangs: The Schnitzel Family..? -Who can vouch for you?: Everyone in command.. except maybe Happy...
  18. Hybrid

    Jonny Blitz

    Now that that's over..... #BlitzForStaffLead
  19. Hybrid

    AAA Job

    Ahem, do you go on duty Leonidas?
  20. +1 Really good guy once you get to know him.
  21. Toxicity Level: 104% Voice Cracks: 214%
  22. (Was moved from Gang Recruitment, i done goofed.) This cardcast deck was brought to you by Hybrid and @L. Honore [AT727][1-TL-27] Don't community ban us please :)< This deck may or may not be offensive, messed up, or very hilarious. CardCast Key: 323XT
  23. Free Altis News; Volume 1, Article 7 Link Thank you for reading, -Hybrid, Journalist Free Altis News Complaints: Link

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