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  1. Name: Marius Hours: 1900Vouches: Dan, S^, Blades, Luu,
  2. Name: Marius. Hours(Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/3832776e195ab4dc430f6317a9ac8c05 Previous Gangs: Hive, Vice, some other smaller onse Why do you want to join: Got friends in the gang, and it look very fun Anyone who can vouch for you: Fallen,Luu,Aquaman,Rougle,S^,Fighter,Ben Dover
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    2. NorwegianMarius
    3. Receerb Nidnav

      Receerb Nidnav

      you exploited? i never knew you would sucumb to such disrespectful behaviour


  4. NorwegianMarius


    In-game name: Shh Steam ID: 76561198259894107 Date of ban: 01/05/19 Reason for ban: VDM/Toxic Staff member that banned you: Big Kev Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No Why should we unban you? Me and our gang was messing around when i ran over my gang member once near North Kavala Fuel because he stole my van before. He said in TS he was ok with it and he deserved it. Then he steals my van again at the bend near Topolia hand gun store and i run him over again. 1 sec later a admin deletes my van and restrains me. The admin doesnt say anything or show himself. Me and my friend starts talking in game. I said i am so sorry that i ran my friend over and my friend said it was fine a thousand times in game, but then i get banned. I never said something "Toxic" in game so i dont know why i also got banned for toxicity. I came in TS and talked to PaulS and Big Kev to try explain what happened, but they said that they dont care and said it was only a 24 hour ban and then i said ok i am sorry for waisting your time. Then 25 hours after i try join the server, but PaulS made it a perm ban. I dont know why or what happened, but i am sorry for running in to him. I have learned my mistakes and i wont do it purposly again even if it is my friend or someone that i dont know.
  5. Yes, this did happen. We saw them running out of GZ and decided to iniate on them and we proceeded to get fucked by them somehow. Razor did nothing wrong i dont know why you are reporting him you executed him, but i did combatlog. I had just woke up and to be honest i just couldnt be asked to get talked shit to then shot in the head. I dont why he is complaining about "looting" us. He executed Razor and looted him, but my gun fell thru the floor so there is sadly not anyway he could get that gun even if i didnt alt f4. And i didnt have any cash on me. I apologize that this happened and i am sorry that i combatlogged.
  6. NorwegianMarius


    In game name : Marius Age : 16 Hours on Arma III (Screenshot) : https://gyazo.com/fa2c5ac24e4c929f05d4f50a4060744c Why do you want to join our gang?: Its cool Bank Balance (Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/6f66cc5e8dd041d1f325e0e2583929ad Previous gangs: Fallen Angels, HIVE, Exult, Alketbi Vouches: Ski, Flix, Brett, Lucas, Bobby, Dec, Blades Bank account: 5mill
  7. NorwegianMarius


    Application Template Name?: Marius Age?: 16 Previous Gangs?: Fallen Angels, H I V E Hours on Arma 3?: 1694 Bank Account?: 6 mill Why do you want to join Exult? : Want to join a good gang with real top fraggers Who can vouch for you?: S^ , Blades , lullaby , HAZU

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