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  1. Fuel kinds the mvp for that intro, some bruh moments tbf
  2. Jazz


    kinda dead ngl
  3. Jazz


    nice screaming
  4. But leave them from 12-4am and 4-8am when people are usually asleep? I don't mind the idea of making it a certain time to get points. it makes the leaderboard mean something more than just money, but I think the system is still new and needs a lot of changing and not just to the times.
  5. "Rules" that need updating https://gyazo.com/9bfc80eaa53dd4d9c955cc716556e4e4 but -1 to the suggestion
  6. Jazz

    Linx RR 3

    linx bloody hell calm down! n1
  7. @UpsyDaisyyywasnt me, pretty sure my brother was playing tbh
  8. Looks like me tryna squeeze one out
  9. Brian of tarth so hot
  10. song really fits you tbh xxx n1 tho

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