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  1. Jazz

    3 gangbases

    Will it be the same next week? Might go back to 20 in the redzone
  2. In-game name: Gavin - Fourm Unban Steam ID: https://www.rebornroleplay.com/profile/2108-gavin/ Date of ban: 09/07/19 Reason for ban: Kinda forget, reacted to something joshh said Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: If im being completely honest It was over justified but its whatever. It was my fault and I shouldn't of done it, I would really like to be given another chance on the forums considering it was my first forum ban in over the 2 years I have played here. Hopefully I can just be unbanned and this can be forgotten about. Why should we unban you? You can unban me as I will stop posting the shit AI do criticizing the server etc and also I would really like to use the forums again.
  3. I mean you could do it if you wanted to

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    2. Cheesecake


      literately shat myself

    3. Dodorex


      Lol did not expect that wtf

    4. Tivroxx


      Nice dropped my phone on my nose

  5. since you said please I am happy to say you have been accepted
  6. yeh thats the one I use I like it tbh
  7. you have debug right? could sway the decision
  8. Sinity gang thread is metro boomin right now!

    1. .Sammy


      Wheres it even gone?

    2. Jazz


      Weve been hit with the ole men in black flasher


    3. keith


      might finally be able to get my fps back 

  9. Might aswell make Sinity the whitelisted faction
  10. Cant remember the last time someone said "Nah I dont play reborn because theres no LMG's", what they say is " I dont play reborn because of the fps". I like some of the suggestions but FPS is the main fix that is needed ASAP ( I know its being worked on and joe is busy). No point adding somthing else if no one wants to use it due to the FPS. Just saying

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