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  1. Jazz

    On behalf or proud: In-game name: s | Prouud. Steam ID: 76561198148117572 Date of ban: 10/07/18 Reason for ban: Toxic Staff member that banned you: Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes, my ban was completely justified and I messed up with what I said. I would like to apologize to Neo for saying such words and being toxic towards you. I hope you can please forgive me and take my word that I wont do it again, and again that Im really sorry for what I said. I just want to play on your servers again, where always fun as hell to play and I kind of miss it, and all im asking is for a second chance. Thank you. Why should we unban you? You should unban me because I am truly sorry for what I did and i do truly mean it and I would like another chance on your servers.
  2. Jazz

  3. Jazz

    DIU and TRU variants as well or just normal mraps?
  4. Jazz

    TODAYS EVENT ~ 4PM UK TIME Players will be given basic gear, flown to the location in a helicopter and will paradrop over the zone. Around the zone will be crates and cars containing some better gear to help them gain an advantage. Come to the trucks in Kavala and we will transport you! No late arrivals - don't bring gear! There will be prizes for first, second and third place! First place will also receive event winner tag on teamspeak! RULES 1. No teaming 2. Do not leave the zone 3. Don't bring gear, we will provide it 4. Usual rules about exploiting, VDM etc 5. Follow to admins' instructions
  5. Jazz

    No TRU van though
  6. Jazz


    @Jimmy00takes notes kid lol, nice fraggie jay
  7. Jazz

    Below average player
  8. Jazz

    Good luck x
  9. Jazz

    Afew points: - Splitting up big rebel groups into smaller rebel groups means more gunfights - Big gangs very rarely have all members on and even with 5-10 people in a gang people can still be outnumbered - Gun fights are a part of roleplay and when a gang outnumbers you and shows no form of rp'ing report them - Being a part of a semi big gang myself the most we will ever play with together is during cap fights or banks, anywhere between 8-15, having that many people in one channel makes comms awful, so when going around looking to rob runs we dont usually have more than 5 people, and from what ive seen people very rarely have 10 people going around robbing everyone together
  10. Jazz

    I can see where you are coming from but this isn't the solution. Doing a bank with 10-15 people can sometimes be difficult and capping it at 10 would make it nearly impossible, and thats only 1 part of the problem. There are too many downsides to the idea in my opinion, but im sure if you think of other ways to promote roleplay they could be better
  11. Jazz

    In-game name: Posted on behalf of Nexhy Steam ID: 76561198119067147 Date of ban: 03/01/18 Reason for ban: I was banned for spamming ip addresses into a teamspeak channel. (Not sure on the date of the ban) Staff member that banned you: Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes my ban was completely justified Why should we unban you? Ok well I have had some extra details from staff about my ban and the gang that I was with as I genuinely did not know who I played with then. I did not know any of the members and just applied on the forums I believe. I only played with them for a short amount of time until I was banned, someone posted the pastebin into the ts chat and I looked at it and copied and pasted ips into the teamspeak chat. One of the leaders im pretty sure disliked me and took the information and reported me and got me banned permanently. I completely understand why I am banned and agree 100% I apologise for what I did and I should of reported it to an admin when someone did post the pastebin into the chat. Even my own ip was on the pastebin, and im pretty sure everyone who I was playing with then saw it I am not sure as I did not really know the members of the gang. I didn't think about the consequences of my actions and should of thought twice before doing it, It has been a long time now and this was just pure stupidity. Id like to apologise to anyone who I possibly affected and to the staff team also.
  12. Jazz

    https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forum/14-gang-recruitment/ Try find a gang you want to join and see if you meet the requirements, lots of gangs wont ask for any requirements and just enjoy playing the server
  13. Jazz

    Happy birthday, enjoy your day with both your dads

    1. JoshDF


      Thanks Man!!111one1!1


  14. @Saul RichmanHey wolfy

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    2. JoshDF


      pls can i have admin on your unturned server pls? @Saul Richman

    3. Saul Richman

      Saul Richman

      pay me in csgo knife

    4. Jazz


      Yeh my man how is zombieland going?

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