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    10 mil for all or each?
  2. LukeJS

    Images aren't working for me but other than that looks good for newer players.
  3. LukeJS


    In-game Name: Cup Steam ID: 76561198117833561 Date of the incident: 07/11/2018 Time of the incident: Around 19:35 Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: x36 Weapon Housing, I was told I can be given the items, as I kinda needed them to finish my run more than their value. Please provide as much detail as possible: Was doing a weapon run, and the server begins to lag and mass kicks people then I think it crashed. It then continued to have issues up until the restart but at this point, my items were already lost. Went and spoke to support to see if it was a server side issue and he confirmed this. When I asked if I could have items back instead of cash I was told yes but proof is required. Any Evidence Available: Will send vid to staff (as house is kinda shown).
  4. LukeJS


    In-game Name: Cup Steam ID: 76561198117833561 Date of the incident: 07/08/2018 Time of the incident: 1:00 Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: I had 216k worth of gear that I can prove, had an MX W/ARCO (another 88k) in my bag but haven't got a vid to show it. Total = £304,000 (only 216,000 if I need proof of MX in bag) Please provide as much detail as possible: I tried jumping over a fence. Any Evidence Available: https://youtu.be/AeFcDAMh8kI
  5. LukeJS

    Yeah, there is a certain point in the airshop where you are no longer able to chop stuff, I think its the Taru's. (Correct me if wrong)
  6. LukeJS

    GL -Abyss
  7. LukeJS

    3.5 Abusing the Green zoneYou are not permitted to store your vehicles in the green zone while you are selling items other than apples and peaches. Shouldn't this rule be extended to houses as well then to prevent things like this issue as they are similar things kinda? Like if a person stores items in a greenzone house to keep their items safe its kinda the same? or am I being a crackhead.
  8. LukeJS

    Lets again try to stay truthful and honest as much as we can remember about the situation. I know it has been a day or two but I will refresh your memory. From video two you can see my stationary HEMMT, this is just slightly after you began to scream and micspam within the vehicle. You were released immediately and then after your friend initiated. As you can see you were not in my truck at this point so this idea you have brought bad up of you being some sort of 'hostage' or being 'kidnapped' is laughable, I drove down the hill slightly to avoid the quilins that approached. Also, you began to scream after they arrived while I was stationary so, did they came to save you before you were even 'taken away'. Doesn't add up to me. It is the same stuff again and let me restate that we are now referencing old stated facts, we know that you were not in any way a captive, the only way this can be argued is that the vehicle was locked. This was then unlocked when you upon you 1st/2nd request for me to do so. Again, no threat as you were released upon request then you initiated. This desperate claim only damages your credibility within this case as what you said is false to try and mask any fault.
  9. LukeJS

    The situation isn't a fishy one, as I said to your friend we were waiting for medical attention. The reason it isn't a new situation as that you just rolled up and reinitiated, it wasn't this palava you are making it out to be. I wasn't hiding and I was chatting to him. The fact is we were sat there waiting for a revive, I sat and roleplayed with your boys one of which was killed there earlier. HE, on the other hand, did the right thing and just roleplayed and waited. If you wanted to do a run then you should've done the same, but instead, you rolled up and started to scrap for no real reason other than to finish what was started earlier. I wouldn't have the issue if we were there threatening you or if there was a genuine reason to rob us, because right now it seems like you are trying to cover your tracks with the idea that we were 'hostile threats' and it was 'sooo long' since we were there, when the reality is we were still in the same spot with your Quilin that had been moved around 15m up the kill slightly and one HEMMT being in its exact position, as well as us still waiting for a medic from the old situation again linking the two encounters together, if he was up and we met there again then sure I would argue it was a new situation but it was so similar to the last one with little distinction in action to create this new threating situation that you continue to reference. Also, my aim is never to get anyone banned, this is my first ever report and it felt like this was the last option as I was getting nowhere in side with only a few responses that didn't have any implication towards resolution At this point, most things have been said so it is best to leave it to support instead of writing responses that are just the same things rephrased.
  10. LukeJS

    If you were waiting why would you initiate and not just wait? Additionally, the report isn't on you its Black Panther who 'came to do a run' but also had work very soon after the fight as well as not bringing a truck, you had numbers and you had nothing to fear as I stated to you, we were just waiting for our friend who 'fell over' to be treated then we were leaving. There was no imminent threat that warranted 2 quilins for support against 2 passive players who were ready to leave the mine. Thus meaning you must have wanted to carry on the fight.
  11. LukeJS

    When filing a report it is important for both sides to tell the truth. Everything I said has had a video and can most likely have some sort of proof provided, so to lie in such a way affects your credibility. Below is 3 out of my 4 attempts to speak to Black Panther or one of his gang. The first one I didn't screenshot but said ''Brutus, can you come ts for a chat pls?'' and the other 3 attempts with acknowledgment from your gang of the attempt are as shown: Attempt 2 from one of my gang members: Attempt 3 from me again with a reply: Attempt 4, no reply: Attempt 5 as quoted above: In my opinion, this is an ample amount of opportunities to reply all of which were in a polite and friendly manner. It wasn't exactly the spamming you make it out to be, either yourself or for one of your gang could've stated that you will respond later or but this to me suggest you don't want to resolve the issue. ----- - Now to address the other information you have lied about. If he was doing a run I'm not sure who in their right mind would do and SUV backpack run and wait at the mine for 3-5 mins longer than he needed to as he had clearly collected and stopped as well as having enough time to have collected a HEMMT worth of sulfur. It was a clear attempt to wait and fight after you saw it was us still there. - No gang member ever was kidnapped and we were having some perfectly fine roleplay, which in my eyes is the right thing to do on a roleplay server, he simply asked to get in because it was cold outside, to which I allowed him to because I'm not going to ignore him and not roleplay despite him overstaying his welcome. The doors were only locked for a brief period and when he asked to get out I allowed him straight away, so that must have been a communication issue on your part. - For the metagaming claim, we saw them together both scouting, also once it happened he came back into an active gunfight to try and retrieve a weapon whilst he himself was unarmed so regardless he didn’t value his life as it would be a great danger to go and do such a thing if unarmed and in danger of a nearby crossfire. - You knew it was us the trucks were in the same/similar spots the qilin was still there and your friend could see my name whilst we spoke in the vehicle. - Also, the initiation problem I had was that you initiated from a lower vantage point on the other HEMMT where from my POV it looks as if you were not visible, however, this isn't the main claim here and we can ignore this, it was simply a point of reference to you for future situations. - The main problem is your returning which from your side clearly shows you wanted to rob us as you returned and robbed us again after failing the first time. LET ME REITERATE, I understand that I cannot expect you not to come back to the mine for a ridiculous time period, but you didn't intend to do a run. This is shown by your friends turning up in an SUV picking a full inventory, which he stated he had and then staying. This was to wait for you to rob us. You didn't want to do a run clearly as you brought Qilins if you bought a truck it would seem more realistic however it just looks like you came to get your qilin back and carry on an old situation. Additionally to this, you stated you had to go to work. Sooooo... Why do a run? If it is so close to you needing to go you wouldn't have been able to complete it. You would, however, be able to help fight us and then go. Which is what you intended and that's where the underlying issue is. You came back in vehicles not fit to do a run, you wanted to finish what you started prior and you getting involved in that situation that was still clearly the same one was everything was in a similar position as well as us still having the down player and telling your buds that what we were waiting for, they knew it was us and that we were still there waiting for a revive. - Any further claims should be backed up with evidence or have somewhat fact as the incoherence of your statement to the clips provided show your attempted deception here, making a situation that was easily ratified much langer and more complicated and which has sadly had to be taken to the forums due to such actions, it could have been a 15 minute thing if you just owned up to it and acknowledged that you came back when you shouldn't have done.
  12. LukeJS

    In-game name: -Abyss- Cup Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Black Panther Date of the incident: 06/13/2018 Time of the incident: 17.53.16 - 18.27.43 What rule do you believe was broken: 5.1 NLR + Fail initiation Any evidence available: https://youtu.be/LICUi8MQ7QY https://youtu.be/v9iQSFHzYyE Describe the incident: Was beginning a sulfur run and we were initiated on my 2 players, Black Panther and 21 Savage. One trade killed with -Abyss- Jackarb and the other was killed. 15 Mins later still waiting for a revive at the sulfur mine; 21 Savage and Zak Barboza came back with an SUV claiming to be doing a sulfur run, but it seemed as if they were coming back to get their Quillin which we had got from the first fight. They stalled for a bit and waited for more gang members to come. If they were doing a run as they said then they would've been done at this point but clearly wanted to continue the old situation. 3 more players arrived Shaniqua, tomma and Black Panther (who had already died here). This is where the main problem was, the 15 min timer was up which meant they could come back technically as I am aware we cant just stop people from doing runs so I don't expect them to not come back for hours on end (however if they did come back for a run they wouldn't have brought Quilins back for that, it was clear they wanted to fix their prior failure), the main issue is that he got reinvolved within the gunfight. 21 Savage, when their gang reinitiated, ran about a bit then put his hand up, this I was fine with unlike Black Panther who clearly tried to come back and continue from where he left off slightly earlier breaching rule 5.1. This meant that they had greater numbers for the fight and potentially changed to outcome making us lose gear and the run. This wasn't checked with support staff but he is also initiating without a threat to life which as far as I know is fine as long as there is a visible threat, which there wasn't fully as he did it from a lower level on the hill where he could be classed as not visible as he initiated on the other truck instead of me, to which he was only visible in third person. Which to me doesn't seem like an apparent threat as he hasn't tried to explicitly make his threat visible to the player he is trying to initiate on, it wasn't like he was at the truck or behind something on the same level of ground as we were elevated. If mistaken Black Panther may be able to provide a better angle from his POV. We still fought anyway but just something to change in future as it wasn't the best. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  13. LukeJS

    In-game Name: -Abyss- Cup Steam ID: 76561198117833561 Date of the incident: 06/08/2018 Time of the incident: 23.20.19 Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: HEMMT+Character = 730 storage 730/5*6500=949000*1.25 (Perk Bonus) = 1186250 Please provide as much detail as possible: Was doing an LSD run and as I was leaving the swamp/marsh and it just kinda of exploded? I initially thought it was a hacker but it only happened to me as far as I am aware as nobody else was going to support prior to me. I didn't think it was worth buying a new truck for 300k to do another run as well as it being somewhat near to the restart. I am aware that you don't comp for unprocessed goods but this is a bit of an abnormal incident and stopped me from being able to complete the run with my convoy who did and were able to complete the run explosion free. Support said looking at it I may be able to get comp so probably worth a request. Any Evidence Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urrL-dJHYB4

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