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    Sorry this went in the wrong section can someone move it to <Permanent Ban Appeal> Thanks
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    In-game name: Cup Steam ID: 76561198117833561 Date of ban: 05/18/2018 Staff member that banned you: Fuel Reason for ban: 'Duping'. Why do you think you were banned: 'Duping'. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes it was unjust. Basically, I am a bit extra when it comes to games and how to do things quickly and min/max my time to get the most out of it. On this server this I have pretty much every run planned out and worked out. After a while on the server and making enough money I was able to get my lord of war license and begin doing weapon bundles. This was the fastest way to min/max only having to do a few runs and having the potential to earn millions. So I worked out how to make money from older guides (Guide I used) I then made my own stuff to work it out. Below is a big spreadsheet that will calculate each item that can be made with the lord of war license and how much will be needed for a given quantity. Here are some screenshots and gifs showing how it works etc: https://imgur.com/7oKckHj (Runs sheet) https://imgur.com/WAFBPKi (LOW Calc in work) https://imgur.com/OkDj0xY (CAR Bundle Calc) https://imgur.com/DlID22P (CAR Bundle Calc in work) Yes, I know these screenshots don't prove much but I don't think someone would go out of there way to make these as it did take me a while to do them when I first made them. Basically, to further on what happened I planned to make 21 CAR95 bundles adding to £20,999,979. I did it over a few days doing runs when I could be bothered getting parts here and there then storing them in a house. So in the house, my container had the following parts: x21 Barrells x42 Foregrips x21 Handgrips x21Firing pins x21 Blocks x21Recoil rods x21butts x21cylinder x21plugs x21rods x42 housing x21flash eliminators x21 trigger mechanisms. = 336 storage. Basically, my ban is for lagswitch duping (Told by Harry Lewis Screenshot) which I get why it could've looked like that but here is the bulk of the proof. I have a screenshot of my container when I started the run (as I bought the house and I didn't know if parts would stay after the restart) so I only have a screenshot of the first bit of the run (Screenshot) My other proof is that the server crashed while making the parts so Lensen comped me the parts (I asked for the parts back instead of money) so the comp request should show that it wasn't duped either and there should still be a video I can get showing some of the parts in my mohawk (Comp Request) (Vid) This was 36 parts as I had the base container storage so 6 housing was in the crate and 36 (Also the screenshot of the box with the parts in for the 21 bundles) on me to finish the run but the crash meant I had to postpone it and do it a few days later. You can also see the vid shows me frozen as I was leaving parts assembly. I don't have anything to show all the parts but this at least shows I had enough to make 18 bundles, but I had a full crate of other parts for 21 bundles as this was the last 36 parts for the 336 required parts that I stated above were required 300 in crate and 36 on me ready to make the bundles with my friends help (@Jackarb who can vouch for this but I doubt this means much). These things together I think show that it was legitimate and I did actually do all the runs to make the bundle and not dupe them it is kind of in random pieces of evidence here and there as I had to go back and don't normally keep any videos on my PC for longer than a few weeks and this was over a month or two ago. However, I still think it shows I made the parts, it shows the preparation to do the run, the run in progress and the some of the parts adding up to 21 bundles having 21/42 parts to make them. I also have bits of random materials in my HEMTTs left over from the runs like some iron plastic etc but I can't get on the screenshot them so an admin might have to look at that for me. Another thing to add that isn't direct proof but 21 is a strange number to 'dupe' to (I personally picked 21 as it meant I had to do one rubber run in a HEMTT and wouldn't have to go back for more or less). The money should also have been made the same day I was comped to show they were made not duped. I don't know how extensive logs are but there may be other stuff to show it like vehicle inventories or crate inventories etc. Feel free to ask me anything if more evidence is needed or you need to know anything from me personally I will give any info or answer any query. Thanks, Cup If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: N/A Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: N/A Please confirm you’ve read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
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    Application Accepted. PM me for discord link.
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    3 mil

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