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  1. Tuga

    Make rare guns craftable

    That’s what you think and you are saying for yourself. I think that the ppl that need to use them now how to use them and don’t loose it in 10 seconds
  2. Tuga

    Make rare guns craftable

    That’s the point, you have them but you neeed to grind a lot to get them Yea for me that’s the point of this topic It couldn’t be easy it would need to be difficult to obtain them. Cyrus is op mk200 not that much
  3. Tuga

    Make rare guns craftable

    Yea like 2 or 3 hours for each
  4. Simple stuff. Make Cyrus and mar-10 craftable it would need to be way more difficult than the current ones, or maybe just make mags craftable. probably the supressor as well
  5. Tuga

    Tuga Report

    240k for a spar loadout? 240k for a spar loadout?
  6. Tuga

    Tuga Report

    I’m not able to have a pc near me today because I’m on vacations, could you wire him the money via my logs or something like that
  7. -1 it’s already op that you have the gang base and you should be even more helped? Nah sounds this server is coming to be a large gang server where roleplay doesn’t exist
  8. Tuga

    Tuga Report

    I know what i said but anyway
  9. Tuga

    Tuga Report

    i already asked you if you wanted comp, but it seems you just want to report a player..........
  10. Tuga

    Tuga Report

    thats not my problem taht you had a previous issue going on, dont rage report
  11. Tuga

    Tuga Report

    As you can see right after I intiated on you your colleague turned his gun in my direction. Also you didn’t tried to solve don’t lie
  12. Tuga


    Sure, arma players keep getting more toxic and don’t know what roleplay is.
  13. Tuga

    Narcotics Lockup


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