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  1. Bensi

    ender dragon

    Request Denied this is simply due to bad driving .
  2. What you did was spin to win as there is no physical way that you could possibly move that quickly making it fail RP
  3. il give the reported 24 hrs to respond
  4. Ok so even if he still had his GPS on which is a malfunction of the comms system @abbeYou and your gang members would need to initiate as you have lost eyes on the person physically even tho you can still see them on GPS. So I would recommend that you compensate @Connor JonesFor the gear he has lost
  5. After reviewing evidence sent privately the compensation request has been accepted , due to the fact that you may have not fully completed the run if you did have the truck due to the risk involved you will be compensated £728,000 Compensation request accepted
  6. can you send me the video that this screen shot is taken from as it looks like it will provide more of a clear perspective.
  7. This is RDM unless your gang ( @Bobby Stone) managed to keep eyes on the hostage taker through the entire situation . If you did could you please provide any evidence of this . Also bobby you say that it never actually took your communications do you have any evidence to back this up ? You all have 24 hrs to respond and provide evidence that you kept eyes or that the taking comms system malfunctioned.
  8. Bensi

    77493 Report

    Il give the reported 24 hrs to respond and explain their actions
  9. Il give the reported 24 hrs to respond. One point though is that the SUR was telling him to shoot him so while this is still a blatant server rule break in future just inform them that they shouldn't shoot you instead of baiting them to do so . This being said the actions of the reported were sever rule breaks so the reported has some time to explain himself
  10. Ok due to there being a lack of evidence to prove the claims that are being made I will have to deny the report for insufficient evidence . Report Denied
  11. Bensi

    Adammm Report

    I'm not saying that but both sides were just arguing with each other in side chat and there is no need for a ban to be issued but @Adammm Next time just be a bit more careful what you say as everyone takes offence to everything differently and @Skeliton to your gang members you don't retaliate to perceived toxicity by being equally or more toxic that just makes you as bad as one another. Report Closed
  12. Thing is though is there is no proof of anything due to the clip being so short and providing such little perspective on the situation. If there isnt a longer video the report will have to be deined for insufficient evidence. If there is please send it and then I will view it and then we can go from there
  13. Bensi


    I will be denying this report for a few reasons : 1) These are two completely separate situations and saving them up and putting them together just looks as If you are ban hunting. 2) You were significantly away from the green zone in clip 1 when they ALT+1 you to fly away and you had ample time to leave put chose not to. 3) On the second clip you were ALT+1 out of green zone and then flew into it which in it's self is not allowed . Report Denied
  14. Bensi

    Adammm Report

    Last screen shot what "Wolfy" said . On top of this the actions of @Adammmdo not warrant a ban from the evidence that I have been provided with as it looks like both parties just got a bit heated and what "Wolfy" Said was significantly worse than what Adam said.

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