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  1. You didnt initiate on him you initiated on the cop by the car, when you did initiate on him later very little time was given to comply and he made no attempt to shoot you at all that would have warranted you killing him prematurely. If you cant accept what you've done wrong here and realise that a harsher punishment will be given out.
  2. The one who's pov it is from idk his name
  3. Its not about how many of you there were its the fact that the second cop you shot was given no time to comply at all and he made the slightest movement which could have been him putting his hands on his head and then you shot him immediately before you even knew what it was.
  4. mind showing me in the clip where he pulls a gun on you ?
  5. Just going to comment here on the fact that the cop that the pov is from wasn't actually initiated on and when you did say something to him no time was given to comply at alll you initated on the cop by the car.
  6. Bensi


    To be appealed privately with the board denied.
  7. You may not have been whitelisted yet however how does albiston know that also according to him when you were removed from cops he had to de whitelist you so you clearly did have whitelisting and you could have easily given out police gear in that time.
  8. Ok few points here this might be a bit long so il split it up 1) By your logic of you shouldnt have been banned if someone says im going to blow the server up in 1 hour we shouldnt ban him until he does im sure you can see now how floored your logic is in this regard 2) Secondly when you say you are trying to "bait" or whatever i dont know why you tried to do this you arent a member of staff so as to why you are trying to bait people into something to get them banned is confusing to me unless i've misinterpreted this. 3) I got into the channel about half way into it in which Albiston was speaking to you so its not like he's banned and not spoken to you he had a full conversation with you acknowledging your pov. 4) If you enjoy the server so much it confuses me as to why you would do something so stupid that could result in you getting permed as it has done.
  9. Bensi


    So its our fault if a hacker blows the server up is essentially what you're saying.
  10. Bensi


    A) You've waited 1 month not 3-4 and B) Why if you like reborn so much would you do something so stupid that would clearly get you removed from the community
  11. Bensi

    Olav going ham

    oh, oh no
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