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  1. Ok then @Switch09996care to explain why you killed your self while you were tourniqueted.
  2. Il give the reported 24 hours to respond. Report closed player already permanently banned .
  3. @SverreJohanBWill need a longer video to prove that the person that killed you wasn't also initiated on you as well as cops (3 mins prior)
  4. bensi

    Yoruk^ Report

    Ok it's been 24 hours due to no response and clear break of rules, Report Accepted
  5. bensi

    Yoruk^ Report

    @Yoruk_Hunt(assuming this is you correct me if im wrong) care to explain why you shot an officer surrounded by 6 other officers then when the medic picked you up immediately shot them without saying anything. Aswell as jumping out of a moving vehicle while in cuffs which is poor RP.
  6. Due to a lack of response, Report accepted
  7. Does the person that was killed have a video as I can do nothing with this as it doesn't actually show anything happening
  8. Il give the reported some time to respond before going further
  9. @gramo2302Do you have a longer video need to see more of before you were killed please.
  10. bensi

    SOUL Report

    You can hear them initiating on you and even then they give you time to comply then you start to drive off and are shot , due to this Report Denied
  11. bensi

    SOUL Report

    @ShaniquaWill need a longer video (3 mins prior) before I can proceed with the report.
  12. Due to a lack of response report accepted
  13. bensi

    Mr-Jimbo Report

    Ok the person that initiated on you first was in the same gang as Mr jimbo so there was no re initiation needed even though it was done again due to this the report will be being denied . Report Declined

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