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  1. Ha what a joke!

    Bye peps for the 19th time

    1. Show previous comments  19 more
    2. Sucre
    3. Thesoldier


      Oh and he got banned twice after genesis told him this, and was still given a chance. The kid is pretty much a pariah now hope he finds a new home, because you can only go to bat so much for one person

    4. Nexhy


      Seems fair enough boys you only get so many slices of the cake lmao 

  2. Viozo

    Thank you I can now have more FPS whilst I roleplay
  3. Viozo

  4. Viozo

    +7 make reborn booming
  5. Who has the most bans on the server (all time)?

    1. Sanik
    2. Fuel


      it is not an achievement, if you think it is you can leave now

    3. Viozo


      ???, Im just curious because i was talking to Matty about it earlier

  6. Viozo

    same thing when i shift - xddddd
  7. Viozo

    This point servers no purpose and everything about it is wrong honestly. You can just barely buy a mk1 loadout from a hemmt run of most drugs due to drug price changes and how amazingly priced every gun on the server is... Times have changed since 39th when you could just do a single truck run at 3 am store it in a house and then sell when people are on the server. Further more to your point of if you're a "shit shot" it can take ages to get access to this amazing 7.62 firearm. Why on earth would police command give the "shit" players access to better guns if they clearly can't use them. If they are roleplayers allow them to be given DSGT/INS so they have the power they need and then give the good shooters that will put said guns to use access to those. Now I'll agree I'm completely on the side of fix police it's broken and the reason is more often than not DIU BTW aka BTEC bad players than would never be good enough for SFU and yes that's a stab at myself because I'm terrible at arma. I myself have had a conversation with @James Grimm and hopefully I opened his eyes to some problems as most weren't even bought to his attention and police commands focus has been on SFU which to be honest is doing great with the new command. In conclusion give good people good guns give roleplayers power and remove DIU BTW
  8. Viozo

    Complains about getting shot in the back by like 200m sits 1,4 out of a cap and RDM's Abdul :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  9. I am liking your profile pic abdul very good indeeeeeeeeeed

    1. JustJack



    2. Abdul_


      Ez profile views tbh 

    3. Lee


      Yea you can stop spamming f5 now

  10. Viozo

    Hey get off my post and stop trying to cause drama GHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ!!!!
  11. Viozo

    Clearly looking for an argument with me since you haven't reacted at all to Abdul accusing you of "hax"
  12. Viozo

    https://gyazo.com/2f9ac916fc7b60f8bb7f9c73cc109cbd fps btw I'm not toxic at all

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