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  1. gl with the gang Roleplay?
  2. Thats really juciy that profile pic

  3. Im trapped in a nightmare and for some reason its coming true.

  4. No 3d Printers were harmed during the making of this raffle
  5. How many more times are you going to join cops before you stay?

    1. Stevenn


      Don't think i will be allowed back in if i leave again lol @Viozo

  6. What gang are you part of?
  7. Dont snipe and maybe people would fight you more often, also get rid of the mass recruited hobos that are just there for numbers
  8. Still waiting for this CSGO 1v1 Kid

  9. Can you be stopped?

    1. Thesoldier


      I am neither alive nor dead.

  10. This is honestly the most depressing video i have ever seen... YOU SHOULD PLAY MINECRAFT AND COLLAB WITH @jcbjoe
  11. Can we play Skyblock sometime?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Viozo


      That hurt my feelings alot

    3. Clixy


      What texture pack is that

    4. Kierann


      @Clixy What Joy stick you use?

  12. This isnt a meme. Snake Simulator 2017 its a fucking quality game i played it all the time with some friends
  13. Eta on any mar10s??

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