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  1. Name: cedridge Hours(Screenshot): Previous Gangs: Camorra, Blackwater Why do you want to join: Need an active and good gang to play with which knows what they're doing Anyone who can vouch for you: Crawfy, Chriss, Heinesen, Lelle, Jason, Enqii, Shipman, Emzer, Brandon, Absence
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    Just had a look, seems to be working for me https://i.gyazo.com/c797176f78d109681fcf91c79d8e3f7a.mp4
  3. Cedridge


    In-game Name: cedridge Steam ID: 76561198087534711 Date of the incident: 05/25/19 Time of the incident: 13:40 Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: I lost my loadout which was around 150k worth, it was a blackwater uniform, carier lite, advanced combat helmet and also a katiba with an ARCO, Supressor and flashlight, I also had some virtual items but dont really care about them Please provide as much detail as possible: So i parashuted out of my heli and then landed in the water and died, I was only going around 20km/h when i landed so i should have been fine but instead died Any Evidence Available: https://gyazo.com/c797176f78d109681fcf91c79d8e3f7a
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    In-game name: Cedridge Steam ID: 76561198087534711 Date of ban: 10/01/18 Reason for ban: Toxic Don't know the date of my ban so I put in a random date Staff member that banned you: Wilma Fingerdoo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I do not believe that my ban was unjustified as I was toxic towards the police and said some offensive things. I was playing with tenacity, it was gang base bidding so we were fighting sinity at their gang base and then cops showed up, they took most of the ifrits and ran away to the PD, they kept tazing us and I got too heated and said something toxic which I do regret. A few seconds later i was banned by Wilma Fingerdoo, which is why it's justified. Why should we unban you? I realise what I did wrong and I know that toxicity should never be a way of expressing myself, I got way too heated there and did something bad which may have insulted some of the police officers, I do regret my actions and would like to apologise to the police officers who I was toxic towards. I think that I deserve a second chance and I promise that this won't happen ever again as I'm normally quite calm. I do understand that I tried to then lie to Wilma that I said it to my gang mates which was not true and I do also realise that I shouldn't have lied to get out of this situation. Whether I get unbanned or not I respect the decision and will accept whatever it is.

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