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  1. AustiN


    Scratch that couldn’t get back yesterday was out and about
  2. AustiN

    Im new need friends

    Aren’t you the same people?
  3. AustiN

    Im new need friends

    Heard mk is a good friend with benefits
  4. +1 lsd is good but it’s repetitive I’d like to change between runs ngl
  5. Alt f4’d yesterday smh raz it was gonna be fun
  6. Rip my gamer boyfriend a1 get well soon xd
  7. AustiN


    dont have better its set to 480 dk how to change am nub will get screenies might be clearer will do it tmrw see if I can sort smth out for you charlie
  8. unban him pls hes playing r6
  9. What did moe do hahaha respect tho upgrade that gyazotron
  10. AustiN


    In-game Name: AustiN Steam ID: 76561198296644988 Date of the incident: 01/26/20 Time of the incident: liek 2 hour Link to player report: neon Lost Items and Estimated Value: first clip armed hellcat- 3,341,000 second clip shikra - 3,000,000 Please provide as much detail as possible: uh went and sold em as i dont use them and the yo0ke gave me less money than promised Any Evidence Available: 1st clip armed hellcat https://youtu.be/cP7-i0FCVKo 2nd clip shikra https://youtu.be/R1LOxn8MtlE
  11. AustiN

    Grass removal

    +1 my Irish potato can’t handle grass and it won’t matter to snipers because who tf be snipin unless you’re boring zzzzz

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