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  1. In-game name: Wesley Oleson Steam ID: 76561198276559599 Date of ban: 06/19/18 Reason for ban: I was banned for forging evidence on a player report; I was banned for the reason of stating in the video that i was going to "edit in every time he failed to reply to my message and come to ts" - Some after thought on this: this is inconclusive evidence of the person that I was going to "edit" against to get banned. I never submitted a player report against this person. I simply took a video of my side of the story and posted it online frustrated that he was not willing to negotiate with my friend for vdming. The whole thing was stupid - If I had edited the video then why on gods green Earth would I leave myself in saying that I was going to fabricate evidence. Staff member that banned you: Scott Mctavish Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: This was a power play on McTavishes part; he banned me not to get me to learn from my mistakes by giving me a month ban, instead gave me a permanent for the fact that I was bothering him. I never reported anyone with fabricated evidence, I never defended myself with fabricated evidence: I have never posted any fabricated evidence to this forum. McTavish put it in the words of "threatening" the same way that someone threatens to DDOS someone but doesn't end up doing it. DDOS'ing violates someones rights on a British/USA Law standpoint in that you cannot interfere with someones internet unless your the owner, isp or router provider. I simply threatened to 'edit' a video showing that he was unwilling to come to TS! I have been banned for half a year, a whole 3 month summer and an additional 3 months. thats 6 months. I have not once came eye to eye with McTavish in why he banned me. The only thing that I can agree on him with is that I was stupid in saying that I was going to edit evidence in the same accused video that I 'fabricated' evidence for. Why should we unban you? Its been 6 months me and my friends want to continue to play Reborn because it is fun. I will never fabricate evidence on this forum or any other forum on any Arma III server. (I dont even have editing software) and biggest of all the person that I was accused of fabricating evidence asked for forgiveness for him getting me perma'd and hasnt played on reborn since August 7th. I hope that you can see eye to eye with me and continue the great experiences that I was apart of on reborn.
  2. Woops, I used steam player ID finder
  3. In-game name: Wesley Oleson Steam ID: 76561197960287930 Date of ban: 06/22/2018 Staff member that banned you: Scott Mctavish Reason for ban: 'Forging video evidence in a player report' Why do you think you were banned: McTavish misinterpreted my video and when I said that I was going to edit the video at the end (Which why would I leave that in there if I had edited the video) He probably thought that I did. I never forged anything, I said that I would but I didn't. Proof to you to know how I didn't forge it because of why would someone who forges a video to make it favor their side of the story leave in him saying that he is going to forge, which if you watch the video I was just trying to make a compilation of him ignoring us when we asked to resolve. Thus making it easier for the admins to resolve and look and make a descision. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I think It was unjustified because not only was I neither the Reporter or the Reported which on the rules it says that both these people cannot edit evidence. I was just a commenter giving my side of the story trying to help the report come to a conclusion faster. Although I said that I was going to edit the video I ended up not and like I said before if I edited the video why would I keep that in. - There is a longer video of the whole situation if you would like to see it. Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: I have never had one bad experience with McTavish. Being a medic I helped him and stuck a latex glove up his but to help him with his constipation. That is the only known interaction I have ever had besides the forums. Please confirm you've read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes For reference, I sent this long message to McTavish I can't stand being banned for something I know I should've have been banned for. Well, in my anger at being permanently banned I have found a reason in the rules that show that I should not be banned. In Section 2 ÔÇÿReport a player' it states ÔÇ£All evidence provided must be unedited.ÔÇØ This directly to the person reporting the player. Also in Section 2 under ÔÇÿDispute a Ban' it states ÔÇ£When putting in an urban appeal ensure all evidence and information is truthful and unedited.ÔÇØ However, I was defending myself and at the time of making that video I was not banned or making a report against someone. And I didn't even edit the video... I only said I was going to and since I left that in it was clear that I didn't even edit the video. Editing a video to show that he didn't respond to go on TS is no way even against the rules. Mostly because I was again neither the reported or the reporter. If I did what I said and edited the video in that way than It wouldn't have even made me banned because for the fourth time in neither the reported or the reporter and editing the video would give you an easier understanding of what was going on in that situation. I was simply defending my friend in the comments. Therefore me helping my friend out with a video, showing that he is not willing to resolve and me saying that I'm going to edit the video to make it so when I say come to TS he doesn't respond and isn't willing to resolve which I was going to allow adequate time for no response. And he did not respond if you want to watch the entire 30-minute video. I am neither being reported or appealing for unbanning in this situation I am in no way anything else but just a bystander in this situation helping my friend. The video I posted was not posted by Winston, it was posted by me and like I said, I'm, a bystander and I am not being reported or appealing for unbanning. This whole thing is stupid as editing the video in my favor would not get the reporter banned because not coming to TS isn't even against the rules. Basically, I should not be banned because I was neither the reporter or the reported simply a bystander and in no way would editing the video even make it into my favor. Nor did I even edit the video. Threatening to edit a video to cut out the bits that don't need to be in the video is not in any shape way or form in my benefit. Just not in yours because you need to watch through a 30-minute video. Heres the thread where I was banned keep in mind I'm, not the person being reported.
  4. This just got me to heat a little I did in fact say this but I didn't edit the video to do what i said it was going to be. And when I lay down at the end that was me pressing ALT + Z to record the video. The video would've be 30 mins long and it would take 2 hours to upload with my shitty internet. I'm going to sleep gn.
  5. Anyway, it looks to me that Winston will be banned. During his ban time, we will try and read the rules and grasp the way we should play out situations. Thank you, This is my final comment.
  6. But i didn't, i only showed the part where Winston asked to go to TS.
  7. Please Ignore all of our pubescent screeches and high pitched squealing - Actually no, he barely knows anything and if he talks he's going to get himself into deeper shit. I talk for him because of his lack of knowledge compared to me (and I don't know what the fuck I'm saying half the time). I do applaud you for owning up when saying you probably did say rdm. Hes my younger broth btw
  8. At the moment he was salty, He did not mean to say this. When you're 'heated' you don't make thoughtful decisions. Although we do not have any proof of this Balloon Buns did, in fact, yell RDM after being killed instead of using the '//' in direct chat. He and Balloon did 'Poor Rp' and I feel that him using poor RP and balloon using it should counteract each other. We will use this knowledge to avoid Powergaming and Poor RP. We also gave him false hope and did not know this was poor rp and like I said we will use this knowledge to revise our actions and do better in these situations.
  9. We repeatedly asked you to come to TS and the video my friend is about to post will show that.
  10. Please let my friend comment, Balloon Buns did not try to resolve and is editing the video now.
  11. Wesley Oleson

    c^ Report

    In-game name: Wesley Oleson Name of the player(s) you are reporting: C^ Date of the incident: 06/21/2018 Time of the incident: 7:35pm Eastern Standard Time What rule do you believe was broken: Glitching - Shooting through sold concrete Any evidence available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0caFqr6-Wo&feature=youtu.be - 1:10 Describe the incident: Shot through sold concrete Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  12. Wesley Oleson

    c^ Report

    In-game name: C^ Name of the player(s) you are reporting: c^ Date of the incident: 06/21/2018 Time of the incident: 7:35pm Eastern Standard Time What rule do you believe was broken: RDM Any evidence available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0caFqr6-Wo&feature=youtu.be Describe the incident: After killing his friend and being shot at we hid in the bushes. As the 'Active Situation' rule is not in an act as of this time, We relied on the re-initiation rule of one minute. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  13. Do you have any proof that I didn't? I asked you to go to Teamspeak but you halted your ongoing conversation about banning me in chat. I stayed on Team Speak for an hour after the incident in hopes we could've resolved this. Now can we please stop trying to resolve this after you ignored my request? Thank you, Wesley
  14. I have admitted to VDM'ing you if you had cared to read my comment to the report against me. Although my friend finished your friends that do not give you invulnerability or immunity to break the same rule and finish me. - We have both broken rules here and we will be punished accordingly. You chose not to resolve this with me.

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