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    In-game name: Rob Steam ID: 76561198183271946 Date of ban: 04/08/19 Staff member that banned you: Paul s Reason for ban: Combat storing Why do you think you were banned: Combat storing / toxicity / being a dick head Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No My ban was justified I combat stored. Fair enough ban I thought you could combat store in the red zone but now I know you cant. I also called George wiffy bot which was unjustified as he is just trying to play the game and there is no need for me to ruin that for him. So I would like to apologise to him for that on this appeal. There was no need for me to call him this and be disrespectful to him as he is just reporting me for breaking rules and should be able to do that without me taking the piss and trolling him on the report. I shouldn't of called him bad as he was just trying to report me for breaking the he rules so @George SkrrtI would like to say I'm sorry. Thanks for reading. If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: The reason you should unban me is because I've been banned for a week and 2 days and understand that I shouldn't of combat stored. I also shouldn't of been such a melt in the report by calling @George Skrrt a wiffy bot as not everyone is good at arma or is new to the game and it might have made him feel bad. Reborn is also a community which does not tolerate toxicity and I can see how I was toxic in this situation which resulted in me being banned so I would like to apologise to George for calling him names. Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: I was just being a idiot. Nothing more to say really Please confirm you've read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
  2. Some great Aim I must say
  3. 11.3 If you have been initiated on or the police are chasing you, you are not permitted to run and store cash or go to the garage to store your vehicle, this includes driving your vehicle into the sea, you are to wait for the situation to be fully over before storing cash or storing your vehicle. Was never intiated it's a red zone it's RDM the rule sais it's combat storing if where initiated. Hit your shots next time you wiffed a full mag on me. I pulled my vehicle and drove it down to the rebel for like 1 muinit with my friend gunning it who died to a bug wasn't fair in my opinion as he had a mk-1 which is why I pulled it as he never played the server much b4 and wanted to see it. I hardly ever play this server anymore. Just shows the evidence will be worth it to watch you wiff
  4. Rob S

    Cap Zones Stats

    Instead of having it on how many times you cap it have it based on the amount of time your gang has had owner ship of the zone for. Because one gang could hold it for a hour and the other for 3 muinits. And they get the same points
  5. 1) Delete system 32 2) Re install windows 3) Re install shadowplay 4) Problem solved where's my 1 mill
  6. Happy birthday lad. Dunno why you nuked the logs and got banned from GTA and reborn. XD

  7. Name: Rob Age: 16 Previous Gangs [if not on this server , name other servers]: Enviouse Elusive Unity Hours on Arma 3 [Screenshot]: 2890 Bank account balance [Screenshot]: 5 mill but I have about 30 quillings and 5 ifrits so Im set. Why do you want to join Betrayal? know a lot of people in the gang and they have brains. Who in the gang can vouch for you? BenH, jesta, Barry, Tiggy, Declan, dylann
  8. The ASP-1 Kir is a semi-automatic, integrally-suppressed special sniper rifle chambered to fire the subsonic 12.7×54 mm round. http://armedassault.wikia.com/wiki/ASP-1_Kir
  9. There is the post. Skins where added but only for the fuel trucks. I think the main thing everyone wanted was hemt box skins as that's what everyone uses.
  10. Asp is ment to be a sniper but it's actually a shotgun
  11. Makes sense thanks. Thought it would off been a bit hipocritical if they where removed after that. Thanks
  12. Why where gang tags removed. I was told to fuck off with this gang tag shit?
  13. Rob S


    Warning points???
  14. Rob S


    Name: RoB Age: 16 Hours on Arma [Screenshot]: 2800 Previous Gangs: Enviouse Elusive Bank Account [Screenshot]: 5 mill Why do you want to join: Know the poeple in the gang. 2+ vouches in the gang: Ben h Jax Niko

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