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  1. They think this is 2016 or something. The main reason people play the server is for combat it different to king of the hill it has a economy. There's a reason why the server is so popular on a Saturday and you have to spam for 2 hours to get in and it's definitely not because of the roleplay. +1 for your idea @WeeFanny
  2. Roster?
  3. There's a perk for spawning with GPS the night vision then vest then a backpack then a rook. Not sure if it's in that order
  4. Title says it all make the boarder around mushroom Bigger so people can't just sit at the boarder spotting then cry when they get killed and it will actually give the rusty dearstand a use. It will also make it more distinguished whether people are in the zone or not. @JAW
  5. IRL Meet up with the Reborn Boys.
  6. Declined @JAW @rougle Still Online dating?
  7. Rob S

    Factions SW

    Well take it off the kids sitting on the hill with it if its so OP. Or just let us have it?
  8. Rob S

    Factions SW

    Either Remove them or make it so we can buy them. Thats fair right?

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