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  1. _RoB_

  2. _RoB_

    _1 Don't think this is a good idea
  3. _RoB_

    Ye its possible pm me to discuss time.
  4. _RoB_

    Wanna buy one 2.8 mill? @Frinkle
  5. _RoB_

    Don't understand what that is supposed to mean. Makes literally no sense. Also don't understand why I'm arguing with a owner of a server after making a suggestion then someone made a better suggestion so I changed it. Please just deny my suggestion cos your more interested in just trying to beef me for some reason than the actual thing I wanted to get implemted.
  6. _RoB_

    Underlined boulded and made my last post bigger so its easier to understand.
  7. _RoB_

    I made the suggestion. Someone said about turniquits so I changed the suggestion to where u get a permenant turniquits perk which I said here. After realising that torniquite is basically same thing cos it stops u bleeding that's what I said? Changed the full suggestion to make it easier to understand. And what you meaning by go back to sleep?
  8. _RoB_

    Why have permenant handcuff perk? It's just a convenience to have a permenant torniquite that you don't need to buy everytime.
  9. _RoB_

    You have to buy it make the perk permenet torniquite same thing like the permanent handcuff perk.
  10. _RoB_

    What would you guys think of the following perk? Having a permenant turniquits so you don't need to buy one.
  11. _RoB_

    Yo @Lee make us one my g
  12. _RoB_

    Made you one. https://gyazo.com/f985b609e679239890062dd426dacdf7 Love u xox
  13. _RoB_

    Must be snorting summat like coke to play like that.

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