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    thx mate thats great look out to play with you again
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    Name: BadCompany Most recent gangs: DSR-DD Ban History: None hours on Arma 3: https://gyazo.com/7f799ca2336715d4edd16f94c7f390ad Hours in Reborn: Unknown Why do you want to join Xtacy: Xtaxy is a known gang but the players are very experienced in reborn good and wel organized. I want to be a part of the gang who are active mature and serious when it have too but also have space for making fun and good rp so i think i m on the right place for it. i hope that i can contribute good things for Xtacy and get the chance to proof that i fit in also have few friends who play with xtacy. What can i bring to xtacy: I m advanced rebel have some important licenses active player who is good at roleplaying and spotting giving overwatch improvising at combat situations taken lead if needed have good knowledge of the server rules. feel free to test me about it . also i m practicing combat to improve my skills in some other servers also i consider that i need gear depends on what you doing and maby need to comp someone if needed so i try to have alsways enough for it. Driving cars/M raps: Im a bad driver only if i need to rush to somewhere. when i take my time then it will be oke my favorite car is hatchback sport because its fast but not the ideal car for decamp as i experienced by my self i dont use allot of suv's or offroads but those are little better to decamp than a hatchback better vehicles are offcourse quilin's ifrits to decamp behind if i m in a open field i try always to stay on the left side of a driver if he is alone that makes me in advantage if he or me want to inititate. if there is more guys then from a better cover. Piloting: When it comes to piloting i can fly good i have good controls over the helicopter when need to take a dive flight i know when to pull up i have practiced this with all the heli's in Arma 3 and gta also known how to slingload crates or sdv's and what speed i have to hold so it doesn't snap but combat landing is difficult i m practicing on that. BTT never flown with only in Tanoa also here i need to practice the landing jets i can fly like a pro good in flying and landing. Shooting: I m good in close cuarters with assault rifles or light machine specially with mk 1 type 115 guns not having a problem with aiming ..although arma physx are weird i have allot experience what and where to shoot and witch caliber to use and does it peneterate a wall of concrete also have experience with all of rifles in arma sniping is also not a problem with a range of 600 meters even if the guy is running and dogging but further than that range i need a stationary object to hit. Communications: Good communications are very important specially if you doing serious runs or if you are in combat. i can hold comms if i m not in that situation if i m i say only things what have to do with the situation give all information directly to the team to be updated about the situation when i m initiated or initiate i alway let the team now by who and where if so of my comms been seized. Markings: Marking on the map: when i m in a hellcat i can use my spotter perk that will give exacly the location where you looking at when i m on the ground i use rangefinder how far the target is and then look on the map and count the squares and roughly i know where it is i use also if the known buildings or objects to mark where it is. experience in RolePlaying: As its a roleplay server I m acting as a character in game due to the situation and make decisions and improvising its basiclly not to get stuck when you get in a situation where you need to roleplay your self out of it i have alway place for roleplay after a combat when you deside about the guys life or during a run and think of a story if you do a iligal run when the police stops you. Recording software i use: I always record every single moment when i m in reborn i noticed that this is indispensible when you need to proof something sometimes it helps even your team mate who coincedental not recording and vica verca POLICE of /HATO/NATO/NHS: I never been in any of this emergency services. i want to make an apply for medic to play on if there is nobody online.
  4. In-game name: BadCompany Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Queen Almalexia from Blood Money Gang Date of the incident: 06/05/2018 Time of the incident: 11.00-12.30 What rule do you believe was broken: Poor/FAIL RP and RDM. Any evidence available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByNkufuFgWo Describe the incident: I drove to rebel to buy some gear they showed up and told me to leave..i tryed to start roleplay the situation by telling them to buying food but the gang doesnt know how to roleplay probably. i was at gunpoint but they didint treat my life so i asked why as he gived me 5 sec to leave the area i decide to leave and after that i got shot while i was driving away. i told him in sidechat to come to ts but he refused . Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes

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