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  1. ReaperBeno

    Just the Mar-10s and 2 of the ASPs have been sold, I edited the main post as well. Auction is still open.
  2. ReaperBeno

    They're sold now
  3. ReaperBeno

    @Flix3m for all 3?
  4. ReaperBeno

    Got 2 Mar-10s with 8 mags will do 7m for both ono and 1 Cyrus with 10 mags would do 7m or you can bid on it, ends on 15th, starting price 5m. and 1 ASP with 3 mags would do 1.5m
  5. ReaperBeno

    Slightly similar to what [LC]GOD suggested, but having an option to toggle houses showing on your map/GPS would be very useful. When getting footage of situations for reports/proof it can be quite a pain to try and avoid showing your map or being in close proximity and having it on your GPS.
  6. ReaperBeno

    Item: Cyrus with 10 mags and an LRPS Proof of ownership: https://gyazo.com/18fa82110216ad38c3a966d6ec5f3e73 https://gyazo.com/2ac91b2cb48ebcf3c40359d67da69cce Buy now price: 7m Starting bid:´╗┐ 5m Minimum bid increment: 250k End date: 15/01/2019 (This item is also in an auction of a lot of items that I have, but to keep it a bit tidier and easier to sell I decided to make a separate thread for it.)
  7. ReaperBeno

    For the whole lot 17m? (from 18.4)
  8. ReaperBeno

    If you buy them both together I'll do 7m That's too low for a Cyrus and 10 mags, lowest I'd do is 5m Sure, just PM me when you're on, had to go yesterday sorry Deal, PM me when you're on
  9. ReaperBeno

    Yes indeed, got another with 3 more mags if you're interested as well?
  10. ReaperBeno

    4 per Mar-10, that OK?
  11. ReaperBeno

  12. ReaperBeno

    Make me an offer
  13. ReaperBeno

    2.5m and I'll give 5 mags I'd rather sell at least a few at a time, would you buy more than 1?
  14. ReaperBeno

    10 mags is a lot, would prefer 6m

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