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  1. cr^zed


    Couldnt we add the script from koth where it makes you walk just abit before the top of each staircase and as jaw said if anyone is caught running up and down stairs, dpiing in the dmt or doing anything to cause tower lag then they should be punished. We already have admins spectating gang wars and it wouldnt be hard to see who is doing it on purpouse
  2. i think your trap phone is ringing n1
  3. cr^zed


    dmt wont be the only thing in the compound they can get in deerstand or literally any other buildings if they dont like dmt fights? most people liked it when dmts were in
  4. cr^zed


    if they dont like it they shouldnt fight in dmts then
  5. cr^zed


    bring back dmts at gang base bidding so theres a main place inside the gang base to push to gain leverage on the rest of the compound
  6. aaahmed come outside @BenH n1
  7. can you please stop cutting my stuff at gang wars

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    2. cr^zed



       what he took 5 minutes b4 gang wars

    3. DemonPuppy
    4. Charly


      watch out he might back hand you like he did his sister after he got 1 deaged on csgo

  8. cr^zed

    Simmo R6S

    i'd says mines better nerd
  9. Item: 2xmk200 3xlrps Proof of ownership:https://gyazo.com/e7d06cc5fd679855bf3b09b55456e788 Buy now price: 1 mk200 = 1.5mil buy now 1 mag = 20k buy now 1 lrps = 100k Starting bid: 1 mk200 = 500k 1 lrps = 50k Minimum bid increment: mk200 = 200k lrps = 10k End date: 20/07/2019 8pm bst

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