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  1. crazed

    S!gma 2

    why do you say your in tfu at 6:40
  2. we got hemmt box for crimbo so dynamicgamer115 hav received frustration and he change gang name but obviously ask meelan if it ok first and meelan said settled
  3. crazed

    s | Jimmy Report

    its not a rule break, i was spraying the heli (an air target) and you hopped out mid spray and simply got in crossfire
  4. Current: Aspiration Previous: Cypher -- Plague -- SRT Trainer-- Reprisal -- Sinity -- The Outsiders -- 39th RR --
  5. your finally back. i love you

    1. Usman


      Thanks Man❤

  6. so basically, you copy and pasted a random skin onto vehicles
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