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  1. this guy inspect elemented smh
  2. replace that main builduing with a barracks, that builduing looks so <inappropriate3> to fight with all the rooms you can hide in
  3. do you approve of this @Matty D
  4. bet you cant do no hands on a bike like me
  5. i have no clue as to what the northwest blackwater outpost is used for apart from op spawns for blackwater for warzones. especially in the top left warzone when blackwater spawn within 900m of a zone where as rebels fly/drive around 5-6km it should be removed to make it fair for rebels.
  6. Requirements: - Must have 2000 hours - Must have a stable bank account - Must be able to speak English - Must have experience Application IGN: Hours on Arma 3: Bank Balance: Previous Gangs ( All servers ) : Vouches: Roster
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