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  1. EthBruh

    @ShutakaaYour flying, lets show them how its done
  2. EthBruh

    Could we have a toggleable HUD? Functioning in the same way as the compass etc? The design wouldnt matter as much then as it'd only be seen as and when need. We already have audio and visual cues for most effects your experiencing (Hunger, damage, reloading guns when hearing the dead mans click). I get having the HUD when youre using Arma as a wargame, its essential, to an extent.. For Altis life, I just dont think its needed as badly.
  3. EthBruh

    Lets do it, you on now? Message me ingame if you are mate, names Ethan (Pheonix).
  4. EthBruh

    250k for both. Leaves you with 25 150rnd mags still, much you want for a few of them too?
  5. EthBruh

    Sure thing. Just message me ingame pal - PX | Ethan (Pheonix), ill be on tomorrow.
  6. EthBruh

    I can do you 2 for 700k each. Got a few borrowed thorium ones too if interested?
  7. EthBruh

    500k Message me in game when ur on mate - always forget to check these
  8. EthBruh

    Hahahah, i miss him so much
  9. EthBruh

    1M (for second bundle).
  10. EthBruh

    Best RP I've had on this island hands down was getting kidnapped at Advanced Rebel by this guy. After a short marriage and teaching me all the essential Russian words, Blyat, he died protecting me from Altis police. A kidnapping become a friendship and marriage. Its rare you see RP that good anymore, unfortunately, especially at KOS zones. Full credit to this guy.
  11. EthBruh

    Let me know if you're still interested Simon, can deliver tonight if you're free. I can relist of not, no problem.
  12. EthBruh

    -Auction closes at midnight-
  13. EthBruh

    Item: Armored Police Hunter. Proof of ownership: https://ibb.co/cAA3qL Buy now price: 6 million. Starting bid: 3 million. Minimum bid increment: £300,000. End date: Monday, 19th Nov. *Security can be provided for the first 10 minutes of ownership.*
  14. EthBruh


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