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  1. Your kidding right? Night time flying and fighting is the best.. Watching the tracers light up the sky even when your not involved is entertaining.. the sun and shadows on the other hand are annoying asf.. I vote to bin the sun
  2. Ah bollocks, i dont actually need it mate! Treat the hobos in Kav instead😆, everyone heres already rich!
  3. I'll spend it all on rooks & maps for kav's hobos with the nearest police HQ marked?
  4. EthBruh

    Police taser

    But if the individual isnt unarmed, a tazer shouldn't be an option. I personally would either rearm, retreat and get armed back up or let them escape. Shooting 50,000+ volts into a person/people with fingers on full auto triggers just doesnt seem reasonable to me. Youd be liable to a lawsuit or 50 (if we didnt just drop and remain incapacitated for so long). This is when i think it gets abused. In an active situation - even if its only seconds into it. Theres no medkit for a tazer round and your down for so long. It gives the police an edge i didnt even like even when i worked for them, its too easy to just tazer initiate on smaller armed groups and drop half before they last finishes drawing his gun. Its the main reason I left the police both times actually, well that and the driving skills
  5. EthBruh

    Police taser

    Why not just reduced the mag size? A decent firerate, for when people do run in circles, but limited rounds, so those genuienly trying escape for RP, not the lulz, stand a chance? Ive been on sides of a tazer, its OP asf compared to any other pistol. Isnt the knockout feature for close range anyway? (People running in circles)
  6. Start an auction in Kav square for people without advanced rebel? Your best chance to get a decent price.. youll probably need to grab some mags too though
  7. -1 Id turn down the time cycle if anything, longer days and nights
  8. Best 8D song I've heard
  9. EthBruh

    Rebel gangs

    Don't quote me here, could easily be wrong but as for a pact, if you mean agreeing to point your guns the other way when you meet - of course. As in working together for HM etc, pretty sure you can't. Art gallery is (still?) roleplay only. Meaning youll need to create a document (signed permission to transport paintings from owner or whatever). Bolt cutters break in, not c4
  10. Message me whenever ur on pal, names Ethan ingame
  11. EthBruh

    MH9 NPAS

    Higher than the buy now price? Whats the new buy now? For an instant sale
  12. 2. Auctions must have an end date, "It ends when I say it does" is not acceptable. Auctions must contain an end date. 4.7m
  13. No worries boss, plenty of the thorium version too if ur interested? Can jump on in about 15 mins if ye want
  14. I'll do them 600k each, many you want?
  15. EthBruh

    MH9 NPAS

    Buy now, 2 mil. Message me when ur be online pal

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