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  1. -1 Id turn down the time cycle if anything, longer days and nights
  2. Best 8D song I've heard
  3. EthBruh

    Rebel gangs

    Don't quote me here, could easily be wrong but as for a pact, if you mean agreeing to point your guns the other way when you meet - of course. As in working together for HM etc, pretty sure you can't. Art gallery is (still?) roleplay only. Meaning youll need to create a document (signed permission to transport paintings from owner or whatever). Bolt cutters break in, not c4
  4. Message me whenever ur on pal, names Ethan ingame
  5. EthBruh

    MH9 NPAS

    Higher than the buy now price? Whats the new buy now? For an instant sale
  6. 2. Auctions must have an end date, "It ends when I say it does" is not acceptable. Auctions must contain an end date. 4.7m
  7. No worries boss, plenty of the thorium version too if ur interested? Can jump on in about 15 mins if ye want
  8. I'll do them 600k each, many you want?
  9. EthBruh

    MH9 NPAS

    Buy now, 2 mil. Message me when ur be online pal
  10. The other Mk200 the bundle or actual gun? I'll buy it rn if its the bundle, just give me a price
  11. Name: Ethan Age: 21 Hours on arma 3: 1500+ Licences: All apart from cement & something else stupid Previous gangs: SIS, Rogue, Pheonix, LC, few smaller too. Money: 15m Why do you think you are a good addition to the royal marines commandos ?: Good comms, decent fighting and better flying skills. You're for protection and security, my previous gangs specialised in these areas. Are you able to attend an ingame interview if needed?: Sure Role-play Background: I've done everything from farming and mining to drugs and gun running perviously. Security work. The lot. I'm looking for a more specialised area now to hone in my skills. Vouches: N/A
  12. @ShutakaaYour flying, lets show them how its done
  13. Could we have a toggleable HUD? Functioning in the same way as the compass etc? The design wouldnt matter as much then as it'd only be seen as and when need. We already have audio and visual cues for most effects your experiencing (Hunger, damage, reloading guns when hearing the dead mans click). I get having the HUD when youre using Arma as a wargame, its essential, to an extent.. For Altis life, I just dont think its needed as badly.

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